I don’t know why I don’t write about Tretinoin.  I mention it here and there but I never wrote a post exclusively for it.

I started using Tretinoin in 2009.  A generic tub was given to me by my dermatologist when I had a bad break out.  Since then, I started reading articles and studies about it, and have been using it regularly.


Early this year, I laid off of it.  Tretinoin can make the skin drier. When the weather got extra cold and my skin became dry for several consecutive days, I removed products that could exacerbate dryness.

When it was time to get it back in my routine, I remembered that I was going to several weddings. If you haven’t come across tretinoin or any other retinoid product, you should know that they make skin cell turnover faster which causes flaking in most people. Flaking and makeup don’t go well together so I had to put off using tretinoin again.

I’m very passionate about this particular skin care product. I don’t see a lot of local blog posts about it (considering that it’s fairly easy to get, pharmacies here don’t require prescription for it.)

Since it has been months since I last used it, I have a feeling that I’d go through the flaking, purging, and developing tolerance phase again. I thought that this is a perfect opportunity to share my tretinoin experience to those who are thinking about using it.

I’ll try to be as in-depth as possible in succeeding updates.

Stieva A Tretinoin

I will be using Stieva-A 0.1% Forte Cream. This is the highest percentage available at the drugstore. Ideally, you would want to start with the lowest percentage and move up as you develop tolerance. But this is what I have in the fridge. I’ll be using it on alternate days over a niacinamide or a sunflower oil serum.

I read a study about niacinamide being able to reduce the side effects of tretinoin and another study on sunflower oil helping with maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier.

I’ll post an update in 1 to 2 weeks.  For now here’s 6 things to consider before using tretinoin.


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    • I’m going to write about what to consider before jumping in. Hope it’ll help.

  1. My skin doesn’t break out easily but this is an interesting medication (can I call it that lol?) and I will definitely try this when my skin breaks out.

    • Yup! I think it is considered medication. It’s not for short term use or spot treatment though.

        • Haha it’s ok. Feeling ko yung mga acne-prone bound maging skin care geek.

          Sa simula once or twice a week, until kaya na daily

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