I finished work early so I went to E’s office and waited ’til he’s done.

I stayed at the building lobby and people-watched.

A girl walked by and I stared at her.  It was more like a stare of admiration.

She is what some people would call unconventional beauty.  I’m not sure if it’s just how she looked or if it was the whole package — the combination of how she walked like she was walking on clouds, how her blouse fit her body nicely, the zebra-print jeggings, the black beachy-waved hair, and her pleasant-looking minimally made up face.

I don’t have the words to describe it, but it’s one of those types of looks that could go totally wrong if it wasn’t done the way she did it.  Everything looked perfect.  I wish you could’ve seen her.

I’m not a fashionable girl.  I don’t even know if I’m using the word “fashionable” right.  So I tend to really appreciate fashionable people.  I was also itching to ask her where she had her hair done.  But I wasn’t feeling sociable.  And is that an ok question to ask a stranger?

I feel like I had been looking at her (in awe) for a good few seconds when she caught me looking at her.  Ugh.


Isn’t it rude to stare???

What have I done?!

I decided to look at her with smize-y eyes and smiled.

Guess what?

She smiled back and went on her merry way.

Maybe it helped that I don’t have a bitchy-looking stare face.  But I wish I won’t ever do that again.

Moral of the story: Don’t Stare.


If someone stares at you — and I’m talking specifically about getting stared at by another girl — don’t immediately assume that she’s an insecure b**** who’s judging everything about you.

someecards.com - If it means someone insecure feels better, because they like to think you are jealous. That's ok.


Maybe she just wants to know what lipstick you’re wearing.



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  1. Staring at people is actually one my past times, lalo na pag nagcocommute. Haha. Yun nga lang, bitch face din ako. Feeling siguro nila bet ko silang sampalin. Hahaha! Anyway, Shari’s asking when we’re available. Magffile ako ng leave, weekdays na kasi rest days ko e :( Sa 19th sana if ever. Text me if you’re free then. Also, natext ko na pala sayo number ng friend ko :)

  2. I don’t know why I was laughing after reading this post. Haha! Maybe because I have a bitchface. And of course, people automatically assume that I’m masungit or what. Tsaka I love watching people. I think that makes everything worse, though. Bitchface na mahilig magpeople-watch? Oh god. :))

    • Hahaha. I can’t imagine. One time I asked E why he looks so angry, he said he’s just looking at something… o.O

  3. i do this a lot lol (stare) most of the time i dont mind if i get caught, i figured she would figure out that i liked something that she was wearing… but there are times nakakahiya pa din :D my worst experience was with a pretty girl walking in glorietta. i was staring at her pants cause the fabric print was cute.. then suddenly out of nowhere she shouted “what the hell is your problem” lol some people talaga are too defensive

    • Hahaha, baka “feeling” ‘tong girl na ‘to. Or deep inside she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing that print.

      Coz really, if you’re wearing something attention-grabbing, you should expect that people will stare because you WILL catch their attention.

  4. Eeek. I people watch too but most of the time I’m inside my car or I’m wearing sunglasses. I’m just too shy. I’ve had a few instances where I’m staring at someone (usually a handsome guy.. lol) and we made eye contact. I immediately hid somewhere far… Hahaha. So awkward.

  5. It’s really annoying when people automatically assume it’s a negative thing when they get stared at. I don’t really stare at people, but people I know have complained to me about stares and I found it really strange at how strong their feelings were against it. It kind of comes off as complaining because they’re “feeling” haha. That Somee card says it all.

    • I do feel self-conscious when someone stares. Thoughts like — bukas ba ang zipper ko, nag-feather ata ang lipstick ko, mahangin-sa-labas ba ang itsura ng buhok ko — race through my head.

      I just recently knew that a few people immediately assume that you don’t like something about them.

      Given that, I think I should really be aware when I do this. Because other people feel uncomfortable.

  6. Oh I like to stare. Usually I stare at people with amazing facial features. I love to draw faces so sometimes while I stare, my hand suddenly has this imaginary pencil and starts to draw. Haha! And yes, I also stare at girls who have pretty makeup on. I even asked one what her blush was. :P

    • I’m starting to get that habit — asking people whatever it is they have on their face.

  7. Sometimes I take staring into the next level and take a sneaky picture. I probably sound like such a creep, but I can’t help it! haha

    But when someone stares at me, I get really self-conscious.

    • That’s what I was thinking too, if someone stared at me, I wouldn’t feel comfortable.

  8. I get stared at quite a lot, both from males and females. Sometimes, they’re friendly but most times they just give blank faces when you smile at them. I’ve learnt to appreciate the stares, afterall, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Thanks for sharing, I now know that sometimes people are just staring in admiration because I always wondered why the stares :)

    • Haha, I think I had a ‘blank face’ when I stared at her because of the many thoughts running through my head.

      But it pays to be careful too since you are probably a very attractive person. :) Who knows, maybe if you caught someone staring, it’s just me :P

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