I was a little bit disappointed with the Revlon Super Lustrous Matte lipsticks. I used to have Stormy Pink and Wine Not.  I prefer my mattes to be opaque and those two just didn’t cut it.

I was excited when I found out that Revlon was coming out with a new matte line.  I thought maybe they’d add a little bit more pigment into the products.  Still, I was skeptic, so I waited for reviews and stumbled on Juvy’s experience with them.  From her lip swatches, I can tell that the products are pigmented for a balm, they’re just not pigmented enough for me.  I could still see some skin showing through and it seemed splotchy on the lips.  Needless to say, I crossed them out on my wish list.

Revlon Matte Balm Swatch Shameless

Several weeks ago, when Cheche and I met to swap lipsticks, she gave me a tube of Shameless.  She said, it made her look like Ursula, which wasn’t the look she was going for.

I’ve always wanted to try an in your face purple lipstick like MAC Heroine. I was just not willing to spend that much for a color that might not suit me.

Here I am with a poker face and Shameless worn as a lipstick and blush.

revlon-matte-balm-shameless-c1 (2)

I was hoping it’d give me the contra vida look but my chronic sad-looking face just won’t allow it.

Here’s an attempt at looking fierce:


Had a good laugh at myself on this one.


I like the color. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the finish and longevity. The product doesn’t quite set. Even your normal talking and smacking can move the product around. After just a few hours, the pigment will clump at areas on my lips. That’s without eating and drinking.


It’s a shame, really, since Shameless is such a fun color.


That being said, doesn’t it make such a gorgeous blush? I’ve not been using it on the lips lately mainly because it’s difficult to get to look even. But I love it on my cheeks. It’s easy to blend and it stays long enough. It’s one of those products that makes me feel so in love with myself that I want to marry me. Most blushes tend to look the same on my face but this one is just… I have no words. Just love.


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  1. Rae, didn’t realize I could use these balms as blush! Gah! Brilliant Idea! <3

    • Yes, best part is, they’re matte :D so, they won’t add extra shine :)

  2. genzelkisses Reply

    Awww. haven’t gotten my hands on these but after hearing and reading the negatives for the matte balms, now I’m not sure if I will ever get one :( It looks so pretty on your cheeks tho!

  3. yea. i really wanted to like this, the shade is awesome, but way it applied in patches and just sat on any dryness was really disappointing….
    A Beautiful Zen

  4. Effective nga as blush. When I first looked at the pics, I noticed a subtle glow because of your “blush”. Yung Shameless pala yun. haha ;)

    • I did this with Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok too. It was too pale to be used on the lips but on my cheeks it’s great.


  5. Waaah! You used it as a blush?!? BRILLIANT! :D
    And your right, its really a fun color. But not for me i think. I’m afraid to try bold colors. Maybe this summer though, i’ll play with mored color soon. Hihi!

    • Thanks Fred, I learned that from my mom. She uses her lipstick as a cream blush. Para matchy-matchy.


  6. I was about to say that it looked very similar to Heroine, but this is a lot less expensive. I love the matte balms! :)

    • It’s cheaper, but not worth it esp here in the PI. The markup is outrageous.

      • I feel the same way about most drugstore brands here. They’re sold at department store prices, which is ridiculous and disappointing. :S I wish they’d sell it for less here…

  7. I love this Coco Rocha purple. I’ve had my eye on it since the balms came out abroad. It looks good on you pero sayang about the quality.

    • Yeah, good thing you didn’t get one. The other colors are better daw.

  8. Sinama mo p tlaga ung Ursula comment! Hahaha.. Di ba xa malagkit pag gjnawang blush? Btw, mas tumatagal nga ung standout. :)

  9. Uh oh, I bought this a month ago haha! I haven’t reviewed it kasi naman, ang tagal ng box. :( Sucks na di sya long lasting. :( And I hope I can pull this off! It looks intimidating. :(

    • It is, somewhat. But it depends on your skin tone. I can’t quite capture the color accurately, but in person, I feel like it’s wearable. But my range of “wearable” colors is wide :P


    • That’s what I do na, when I can’t make a lipstick work. I use it as a blush. :D


  10. Heroine has been on my wishlist for the longest time. It’s sooo great that it has been made permanent. Anyway, I wanted to give Shameless a try first for the same reason as you. I just want to see if it will look good on me. Sana bumagay sakin. Haha

    • Nabili mo na?

      This made me really want to try Heroine. From comparison swatches, Heroine seems lighter and brighter. It might be more wearable than Shameless.


  11. Hail, my fellow chronic sad-face gal! It’s really hard to project any other feelings if your resting face is sad. Oh well! Given that, I think Shameless looks really good on you even on the lips! Too bad about the weird finish.

    • I do really like the color. Oh well, at least now I have a new blush.


  12. It does look quite nice on the cheeks! I’ve seen this one a lot on other blogs and though I’ve always wanted a purple in your face lipstick, I’m not sure this shade and finish is what I want exactly. Everyone comments on the unevenness of this particular shade too.

    • That’s true, as with all colors, purple has a lot of nuances. I have a lighter one by MAC Up The Amp. But that’s more a lavender color.


  13. It looks great as a blush! I heard bad reviews on this product because of the clumping but I do agree, this color looks lovely. :D

    • A friend bought Standout, and eventually just went to buy MAC Russian Red. She said that the latter lasts longer and they’re just almost the same color.


  14. Agree with you and Eula – it looks like what Lollitint could have been on the cheeks!

    • I didn’t realize that. You’re right! Lollitint still looks quite pink on the cheeks.


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