I already mentioned this in a post: I seldom review foundations. I think I’ve tried enough of them. I just don’t know how to talk about them and how I would make my assessment.

I change my mind a lot (about foundations, except for Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer [SSE]) and I also didn’t know my coloring. I feel like I’m not equipped to review foundation.

I decided that I should just write about face bases when I’m almost done with them.

But 2 weeks ago, the inevitable happened:


Dear Companies,

          Please consider not placing your products in glass bottles.  There are clumsy people like me who drop and/or bump themselves on stuff and furniture a lot (Becs, you’re a witness to this.)


Moving on.

The good thing (looking at the bright side here) was that I’m two-thirds of the way through.


Before I bought Kevyn Aucoin SSE, L’Oreal Lucent Magique was my most frequently used foundation.  But I treat it more as a tinted moisturizer than a foundation because it is very emollient and it has low coverage.

I usually skip my moisturizer when I use this because it’s moisturizing enough for me (imagine my mornings: wash, serum (or not), then the l’oreal lucent magique foundation).

It is how I imagine Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer would be.  By the way, this has SPF 24 PA++ — not enough protection for some, but good enough for me.

It can technically be built up to medium coverage but I don’t believe in building up face bases.  If I want medium coverage, I will buy a medium coverage foundation. Don’t blame a low coverage foundation for looking cake-y if you built it up.

Finish and Color

This foundation is dewy.  Which I probably should have avoided because I have oily skin.  But I’m very very tolerant with shininess and it’s rare that I find a drugstore foundation with a shade that is so amazingly yellow (I owned the shade G4 – Gold Shell).  Most low to mid-priced choices that are classified as warm or yellow or gold do not appear yellow on my skin.  They usually look orange or beige on my face.

Foundation Inventory 1


Given the amount of moisturizing ingredients in this foundation, it’s expected that it won’t last long.  I can imagine a lot of people hating this — particularly, fellow oily folks.  But since finding the perfect-est shade is more important to me than any other face base/ foundation feature, I don’t really care.

I was just after something that will give me a nice wash of color and wouldn’t make me look dirty at the end of the day.  I don’t see foundations as magical potions and expect them to slow down my oil-producing factory of a face.  I’m ok, at the least, with looking neat-ish and humanly as the hours go by.  I’m used to blotting anyway.

If you don’t prefer shine and you need to cover up redness and/ or hyperpigmentation. This is NOT for you.

I would buy this again, but I recently bought Koh Gen Doh (KGD) Aqua Foundation. I’m blaming this entirely on Shari, because she described the latter on twitter as satin light-medium coverage.  I wasn’t going to purchase KGD, but since it seems like an amped up L’Oreal Lucent Magique, why not try? Right? It’s on sale anyway.

If KGD is not significantly better, I’m going back to L’Oreal.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Hi! Nice review. By the way is Loreal lucent magique foundation still available in the Philippines?

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  3. Ouch. The current L’Oreal Foundation I’m using also came in a bottle and minsang nahulog ko yung bag ko akala ko nabasag na siya. Whew. Agree with you on choosing the right kind of foundation depending on your needs. I prefer my current L’Oreal foundation ‘cos it gave me the right amount of coverage I need :)

  4. i literally said oh no out loud when I saw the photo! I love that my L’Oreal one is the perfect product to mix with foundations that are too dark but at the same time, it’s good enough on its own.


  5. looks like a foundation specially made for me hehehe, joke. I don’t know why many people like high spf on their faces when they are not out in the sun for a very long time (don’t they realize that our skin needs a little sunshine?) and they complain that their pores are clog etc etc and I don’t know why I’m blabbing about spf. Moving on, I think tubes are the best container for foundations (I’m also clumsy no matter how hard I try not to) but they seem more appealing (well, for me) when they are in bottles (that rose gold pump looks beautiful!)

    • Apir! Ako din! And the more I try to hard the more I knock on things :P

  6. I’m really weirded out at how yellow this is. I’d love to see it against my skin, though. And I’m sorry about your broken bottle. I love keeping my old tubes and containers pa naman :[ (EMPTIES!)

    • Be even more weirded out to know that it matches me really really really well.

  7. KGD is on sale :O where? :) so timely, im just about to repurchase my lancome foundation online since it has this gift set promo.

    • At the beauty bar. I bought the smaller one because my shade is not available in the regular-sized bottles. From 1500+, 1300+php na lang yung 18ml. If you’re lucky, the regular-sized bottles is at 40% off. 1500+

  8. Also thinking of purchasing KGD foundation but I’m oily so probably no na lang :(

    • I have to try this in the summer. Ngayon parang keri lang, airconditioned naman sa office. I’ll try it in the weekend to see if it holds up.

  9. Hi Rae, naku ako rin ang dami ko na na-try na bb cream pero until now la pa din ako review. I don’t know how to describe or assess din the product. Fail blogger :( Should make a comparison na lang siguro. More than 20 brands na kasi na try ko. Definitely hindi pa sa akin tong L’Oreal kasi I have freckles.

    • Oo nga noh. I see bb creams in your hauls/ winnings posts pero I don’t see them reviewed. Mahirap talaga pag face base.

  10. Awww :( Sayang but it’s a good thing na konti lang naiwan. Haha! That foundation’s definitely not for me. Even the KGD! Hay, the problems of having oily and troubled skin. :(

    • Yeah, feeling ko more than a majority of oily and acne-prone folks won’t like/ prefer this.

  11. Woah. I didn’t realize that it was THAT broken. </3 Oh well. It’s a good thing that you have the KGD Foundation now. Hope you like that one :) Btw, I used the SSE sample that you gave me today and you are right, I literally need just an incredibly small amount of product for my entire face. But I took your advice and mixed it with a moisturizer for easier application. It’s super thick! Will do a review soon. Super thanks again for that! :)

    • I used it today and I’m ok with it so far. Not mind-blown but it’s still one of the good ones.

      I love KA SSE more! And it seems to mattify moisturizers. Ang weird nga e. Have you tried it as a concealer? Try it on ‘J’!

      • It’s a close match but a bit light. I can still make it work though. However, if I mix it with a moisturizer, wala na, super light na niya :( I’ve already drafted the first quarter of my review/first impression haha. Anyway, KGD isn’t really mind blowing, it’s really just a great foundation :)

        Haven’t found the time to use it on J but will do. Mas excited pa nga siya sakin hahaha

        • I like KA SSE more as a concealer than a foundation. You have to a brush like Shiseido Perfect Foundation, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, or any other foundation that is VERY dense and doesn’t have a lot of yield.

  12. I’m also thinking of buying KGD. I’m putting the blame on both Shari and Victoria. Haha

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