When it comes to trying out a new lip color, I usually don’t ease into it by picking up a sheer formula.

I dive right in.  My motto — Go Big or Go Home.

That way, I don’t waste my time dipping my toes into something that will eventually end up not working for my skin tone.

I decided to try out orange when I was looking for reviews on Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matte Lipsticks.  I stumbled upon Bharti’s blog, Crazy Pop Lock, and this lipstick swatch/ FOTD (see her post on Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Jenna):

bobbi brown creamy matte jenna

I have NEVER seen anyone look this good in orange.  I wrote a comment on her post, saying “…I wish I look good in orange too.”

She replied with, “…no need to give up on orange, the thing with colors is that every color has many shades so if you keep on continue searching and trying out, you might just find the one ^_^”

Why didn’t I think of that before?  If there’s a red for everyone, there must be an orange for everyone too.

It wasn’t wise to experiment with a new color on Bobbi Brown so I boyght two Wet ‘n Wild megalast lipsticks: Purty Persimmon and 24 Carrot Gold. I didn’t bother with Coraline because I’ve already tried enough corals to say they don’t work on me.

Purty Persimmon is a reddish orange and is an alleged dupe for MAC’s Lady Danger.

purty persimmon wet n wild

It felt weird seeing orange on me for the first time. I can’t say I love it, but I was surprised that it didn’t look horrible.

Purty Persimmon is pigmented but it’s not opaque. Some skin still shows through with one layer. It’s also not matte based on my standards.

24 carrot gold wet n wild

24 Carrot Gold, on the other hand, is a bright apricot orange. If I don’t sheer it out, it’s almost neon. It has the same finish as Purty Persimmon but a little less pigmented. In the photo above, I wore it sheered out and blotted with tissue paper.

In my experience with these two lipsticks, and all the other colors of the orange family that I tried, I noticed that orange is a little more difficult to wear on a bare face. It also doesn’t work with most of my clothes. It’s safe to say that while orange can somehow work on my skintone, it’s not the most practical color to keep.

But it was great to know that apricot orange look better on me than red orange and corals (in person).

I might try/swatch Jenna or Valencia Orange (bobbi brown) when I get the chance to drop by Glorietta/Rustans. But I’m holding off getting more orange lipsticks for now.

By the way, if you want to try these orange wet n wild lipsticks and if you’re willing to cover shipping, I can have them sent. Just send me an email.

Special thanks to drunkenness for the face base that’s getting me loads of compliments.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


    • Ok, I definitely will. Whatever looks great on you will look good on me, I’m sure :P

  1. I like the Purty Persimmon on you. I think it brightens your complexion. 24 Carrot Gold looks good on you too. okay you look good on both shades! HAHA :D I love Coral shades too! I have makeup geeks in captivating and charming. I think I have reviewed them too. I love both colors. I think I’m good with them for now. :D

    • Wow, I don’t think I remember reading that. I’ll look for it in your blog.

  2. Hi Rae, I like purty persimmon on you. I’ve also been looking for an orange lipstick but have the same problem… Just haven’t found one that looks flattering on me. The quest to find crazy lip colors that are flattering continues.

    • Let me know what you find! Or please, please, please write about them :P

  3. You should keep Purty Persimmon! Maybe you just have to get used to seeing it on your face because it suits you. :) I love orange lipstick! The first one that I used up is Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. It was an understated kind of orange (for me). Maybe it’ll work for you too.

    • If it applies evenly, I would. At least now I know that there are orange lipsticks that could work for me. The great mystery is corals and corally pinks. The look so off.

  4. This color looks great on you kaya! I suggest you keep it! My foray into orange lipstick has led me to the orange Revlon Matte Balm. I forgot the name but I really like the color. It’s one of those brightening colors. Yun siguro ang orange for me.

    • Is it mischievous? I almost bought that but it looks patchy on the swatches I see online.

  5. Carrot Gold looks great on you! Your post reminded me to take out my Mac Morange from my stash. hehe

  6. I like 24 Carrot Gold better on you. I’m glad you found an orange lippie that works for you. I’ve had trouble wearing them and I can’t find any oranges that look good on me.

    • Ohhh, I initially thought that people who look good in corals would look good in orange too, generally speaking.

  7. I’m so inggit of your skin, Mommy Rae! Both look good on you! I’ve tried Lady Danger from MAC before just to see how red-orange lippie would look on me. I was not sure if the lighting was kinda bad during that time pero that color didn’t look nice on me. Oh well. Orange is a really tricky color. Hehe. But still, bagay mo! :)

    • Haha, I think my camera’s auto setting is making my skin look photogenic. Oh, and that’s not a natural flush. I was a little drunk :p

  8. I’m scared to try orange-orange, the closest shade I’ve tried would be corals if that counts. Purty Persimmon brightens up your face, so nice and looks perfect for summer :)

    On your question re: sophie martin lipsticks, I’ve ordered mine through a friend who lives all the way from Batangas that’s why it took sometime for me to have it delivered, hehe. It’s quite difficult to get a hold of resellers :(

    • True. I’m running out of my favorite lipstick, and it’s from them.

    • I did try several corals in the past, but it’s my first time to try something actually orange.

      Try again! Let me know if you find anything that works.

  9. But they both look pretty on you! Especially Purty Persimmon. You’re seriously giving them away?

    • Yup. On an everyday basis, I usually just put on lipstick and nothing else. These two orange lipsticks require face makeup time, and the longevity is so-so. I hope I find a low maintenance orange someday.

      • You should try LC Suedeberry. :) Lasts long, and you only need eyeliner + mascara to pull it off.

        • But Lime Crime is so expensive :( cries Sana available sya locally for me to test.

          Have you heard of MUA luxe velvet somethings (I heard they’re a dupe for Lime Crime Velveteens, baka may dupe for suede berry.

      • Lookie here at the swatches:


  10. 24 Carrot Gold looks good on you. Oh heck, they both look good on you! I don’t think I can pull off orange lipsticks though :(

    • Try one first before you give up. Try orange over at high-end counters, they sanitize the lipsticks well (usually). I know Bobbi Brown does, for sure.

  11. Hooray! <3 ‘Go Big or Go Home’ is a great motto. Jenna looks like a fantastic colour. You might wanna try Maybelline’s Electric Orange and Vivid Mandarin from the Vivids line, those might suit you. And yeah, I find orange extremely difficult to wear barefaced, even more so than reds. I think it’s because it washes out the skin when worn wrong.

    • I didn’t have the words for it but you wrote it perfectly. Despite not being a nude lipstick, it does wash out the face. And sometimes, it emphasizes redness/blemishes. :(

      I’m looking forward to testing out Jenna. Bobbi Brown’s creamy matte lipsticks are very opaque

      • I’ve wanted to try one out for years but the price has always deterred me. Have fun with Jenna!

  12. PP actually looks good in you and I love how it matches the flush on your cheeks and the glow of your face. What did you use? It’s quite sheer to be compared with LD. But I saw other pictures with more opaque applications. Maybe with multiple swipes? Apricot reminds me so much of Swert and Sour from MAC All About Orange Collection but more orange :) Both suits you but I like PP more on you!

    • I was barefaced in that photo but I just drank wine so there’s your flush :p

      I think 24 carrot gold looks better if I keep the sheen. I was wearing a full coverage foundation in the 24 carrot gold photo, I shouldve worn blush. Haha.

      But I agree, PP seems better in these photos.

  13. I felt the same the first time I tried orange. I went through a few colors until I landed on Sephora brand orange lipstick. It’s so bright and the first time I wore it I thought, “people must think I am crazy” lol but now, I wear blue, black, and purples. . you are right, Go Big, or Go Home!

    • That’s great! If you have a review or swatch to the sephora lipstick, feel free to share the link :) I want to see.

      Also, I’m curious with that blue lipstick you wear.

      • I js realized I created a post about my blue lipstick but never clicked publish, ha so here is the link http://momerrellsays.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/blue-lipstick-so-sexy-itll-melt-your-face-off/ I’ll do one about my orange one friday.

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