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#InsomniaMusings: I Don’t Use My Ring Finger When I Apply Products On My Undereye Area

I don’t know when this rule started and who came up with it. I just noticed — when I started watching youtube makeup tutorials — that everyone seem to be applying their undereye concealer with their ring fingers.

Ring Finger Eye Cream ApplicationSource

Google told me that the rationale behind this is that the skin on the undereye area is delicate, and since the ring finger is the weakest of the five, in general, it’s the ideal finger to use.

I find this a little bit odd. My ring finger seem to be the weakest, yes, but it’s also the finger I have the least control of, so I never adopted the ring finger rule (though it’s actually more like a guideline than a rule).

I use my little finger (because it fits in the corner of my inner eye area) and my index finger (because it’s the finger I have the most control of) instead. I’m sticking with these fingers ‘coz I challenge rules and I’m a bad ass who can’t kill a cockroach.

Seriously though, wouldn’t it be easier to avoid tugging the area if you have more control over the pressure you’ll apply?

What do you think? and which finger(s) do you use?

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  1. Hahhaa I don’t even know what finger I use. I agree though, as long as you’re not dragging product along, any finger you use to apply a dabbing pressure is the same.

  2. When I first started using my ring finger—which, hindi ko rin masyadong ma-control at the time—it felt really odd, but now it feels wrong not to use it haha. The problem is that nadudumihan hahaha so balik rin sa ibang finger na malinis :))

  3. I haven’t given this much thought! But now that you asked it, I use my middle finger to apply concealer. I think it’s my way of giving the finger to my eye bags. Lol.

  4. I think unless you’re a numb ogre with the strength of a dozen Amazon warriors, any finger is fine! I use the ring finger for eye creams but pass over with the pointer for chunky spots. For cream shadow, anything goes! Whatever fits, lol.

  5. I don’t use my ring finger, I feel comfortable using my index or middle finger, plus I think as long as you do light tapping/dabbing motions okay na yun, just don’t tug at the skin kasi nga delicate lang yung skin doon.

  6. i do use my ring finger when applying my eye cream and i have more control over it than my pinkie :P pero pag nag aaply na ng make-up, kahit alin sa daliri ko oks na

  7. interesting..they say most gentle nga daw yung ring finger but when i put makeup on, care bears na kung anong finger ang gamit, as long as ok ang application, plangak na te! ;)

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