A conversation between me and E two days ago:

Me:   Bakit ayaw mo ng dark lipstick?

E:   ‘Di naman sa ayaw, may binabagayan kasi yun.

Me:   What do you mean ‘may binabagayan’, ‘di bagay saken?

E:   Hmmm… You don’t have enough angas in your face. Mas bagay yun sa mga maaangas.

Me:   Pero… Gusto ko mag-mukhang maangas.

E:   Aaaaaah, kaya pala.

Then again, look at these photos…

Revlon Wine Not

Yup. No bad ass-ness whatsoever.

While some people have a hostile resting face i.e., a mean/angry/bitch-looking neutral-poker face, I have a sad resting face. Sometimes, I don’t just look sad, I could also look like all the weight of the world is on my shoulders. One time in college, one of my professors asked a classmate if I’m likely to commit suicide. It’s that bad.

So I practice a happy smizey-looking face. Useless trivia: I have to squinch when posing for photos on this blog so that I don’t look depressed. Anyway, you probably don’t care about that. Let’s move on to the lipstick.

I bought this last December. With lipsticks, I learned that if you like a lip color on someone, you shouldn’t buy the same lipstick unless you have EXACTLY the same skin tone as the person. Don’t go for the exact color. Go for something that can give you the look you’re going for. I bought this in the hopes that it’ll give me the Rihanna talk that talk look — and it kind of did — if I build it up to opaqueness.

This is a deep bluish plum color that is so my kind of color. If this was as pigmented as I’d like lipsticks to be, I would’ve worn in it more often.

I’m curious as to how Revlon formulate their mattes. The other super lustrous matte I tried, Stormy Pink is even less pigmented than Wine Not. I don’t get it. I feel like mattes should be opaque because their lack of creaminess could make the color look splotchy and uneven which is the case for this lipstick.

You’d need a pencil liner base or, in my case, a velvet matte pencil to apply this evenly and to make it last longer.

It’s nowhere near MAC matte lipsticks and I think Wet ‘n Wild Megalast lipsticks are better. I should’ ve just bought the latter’s Cherry Bomb.

Another thing, this dries out my lips. That’s saying something because even the MAC retro mattes don’t dry me out.

I was hoping that Revlon would have a similar color in the newly released matte balms but the darkest they have is Standout. Something similar to their Crush balm stain would’ve been awesome.

Anyway, I’m letting this lipstick go while it’s still new-ish. Hopefully, Victoria would like it more than I did.

PS I should not have used orange elastics with my braces. It looks off. I’m annoyed.


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  1. Happens to me all the time! There are tons of lip colors I wanted to have but when I tried them on myself, they look “eeeeeek” on me. Pfftt

  2. My husband likes this lipstick shade on me. Ako pa naweirdohan when he said it. Akala ko laging pacute at patweetums na pink or natural look lang gusto ng guys, hindi pala. Hehehehe

  3. as long as happy and confident ka girl, gorabels! ;) the color suits you naman. you do look approachable and you have thin lips! inggit ako.i’ve got fuller lips and the “suplada” look.

    • Hahaha, I want fuller lips! But I thought it wouldn’t suit my bulbous nose so keri lang. Hahah

  4. Oh my gahd! I’m the complete opposite! My classmates used to tell me that I look “mataray” and unapproachable. And I once had a baby cry just by looking at my face. I wasn’t even doing anything… *sighs*

    • Well that happens to me and babies too. :P Maybe my sad face is contagious. Hahaha.

  5. well ako naman i wish i had a resting bitch face LOL. okay im a little confused with how its both matte and lustrous at the same time. does it mean it has a sort of matte texture but glossy finish?

    • That’s true. It doesn’t have any luster in it, much less “super” — it has absolutely no shine at all.

  6. Dark colors are indeed tricky! Once i was told by someone i look too intimidating with dark red lip color and that i should better be off with light/nude shades. and in my head i’m thinking bitch, please!! that’s the look i’m aiming for! HAHAHA :))

    • Haha, yeah! I think most people prefer those colors talaga. It’s a reflection of their preference. Kaso we prefer bold colors e.

  7. I dont know what my RESTING FACE looks like!! Surely it’s not bitchy though. I’ve had a lot of people comment that I look ‘friendly’ and ‘approachable’ so much as I want a bitchy resting face… di talaga posible! LOL.

    Anyway, I feel the dilemma. I badly want to ‘rock’ purple Heroine lips pero crash talaga sa yellow-tones ko so kahit anong push, di talaga bagay. Mukha lang akong talong! :( HUHU.

    • I have yet to try Heroine, maybe I’ll find out if Heroine will work once I try Shameless (Revlon Matte Balm).

  8. For me bagay naman pero yep I notice that too, super amo ng face mo Rae! I think sa eyes mo siya na para kang maiiyak? Ako naman laging napagkakamalang mataray :D And your post made me ask my boyfriend “do I look like a bitch/maangas” “do you like red lippies on me” , those qs, nawindang siya :))

    Ang weird kasi he doesn’t like me wearing pink lipstick, eh that’s my fave :| Pero he likes naman red on me. Gulo lang. :D

    Anyway, I think first time kita in 2 years Rae to see na full smile! Ang cute! You’re wearing dental bands din! Apir! I ask my dentist to always give me transparent/clear elastics :D

    • Yes! Ganun nga yung eyes ko. Down-turned din kas yung corners.

      Baka your bf doesn’t like girly looking girls. Mas gusto nya naman yung may bad-ass vibe kaya ayaw nya ng pink and gusto nya ng red.

      Hahaha, oo, first time nga ata. Nakakalimutan ko palagi e. Will make sure to remember to do an open mouth smile :P

      • Yep pero I think bagay parin naman sayo yung shade for me. I imagine you wearing the lipstick in full makeup, bagay naman siya.

        Hmmm sabi niya may binabagayan daw and di bagay sakin :( Like skirt, for him di daw bagay kasi I look professional chuva ek ek. Sa pink naman she said mukha daw akong “malandi” when I wear pink lipstick. :O “nganga”

        Yes Rae! I like you wearing full smile, pero I like it din na parang fierce look kapag you’re wearing red or deep colored lipsticks ^_^

  9. I have Chronic Bitch Face! I’m glad about that because I guess it’s the reason why strong-color lipsticks are okay on me? Haha.

    Do pink, neutral colors work best on you?

    • Neutrals, not so much. Pinks look good — esp mauvey, berry, and fuchsia pinks :D

      Plums actually look good on my yellow-olive skin but for E, di daw bagay sa facial features :P

  10. I have a bitchy resting face kaya siguro feeling ko bagay sakin tong Wine Not? Haha! It’s probably the only dark color that I like on my me. Yung super purple tones di ko carry.

    • Aaah, siguro mas ok sayo yung mga madaming blue tones instead of purple. Parang super deep blue red to, when I compare it to other plum lipsticks.

      Will be getting Fixed On Drama soon, we’ll see how it compares.

    • Haha. By the way, I bought MAC Cosmo na. You’re right. I like it more than Mehr.

  11. People probably say you look sad because the ends of you eyes turn downward. (Like Camilla Bell and Katie Holmes) Maybe you could pair the lip color (gorgeous btw) with a stronger brow, if not more defined eyes as suggested by Eula?

    I have the opposite problem, I HAVE to smile otherwise I’ll look like a telenovela antagonist. It doesn’t help since I can’t live without eyeliner. (I look really sleepy without it).

    • Hahaha, the same pala for those with strong features, you have to do the smiley face deliberately.

  12. I think it suits you. I think what your husband is looking for is a more defined eye to match the defined lips. ;)

    • Haha, I had to clear this with him, and he said “even more so with eye makeup.”

      Wala daw akong “swagger”. And my aura is fragile ‘daw’, parang prey, not a predator. Haha, I don’t get it, but I will still wear dark colors.

  13. i have smiling face naman before that people don’t take me seriously when I’m angry, gusto ko maging maangas din para di basta basta lokohin and I think deep red will do the trick but anyway I don’t wear much lipstick but there are some occasions like I have to be a bridesmaid and the make-up artists are the ones who pick the colors and usually coral ang nilalagay nila sa kin, there’s this one time na deep red nga ang ginamit sa kin and I look old and sad and sister said di ko siya bagay and made me remove it and use colored lip balms intead…may times talaga na may binabagayan ang color :) (napakahaba ng story ko)

    • I can relate to people not taking me seriously when I’m angry. Tinatanong pa ako minsan “galit ka na nyan?”

      I think if bagay sayo ang corals, there’s a higher chance na you won’t look good on plums, unless you have neutral skin tone. Plums and dark colors can make some people look older nga talaga.

  14. I have a resting bitch face din! Haha Nice to know na madami kaming ganun :P

    Have you tried Revlon Black Cherry? Heard good things about it :D

    • I almost bought that lipstick. But I caught myself after realizing that in daily life, I don’t reach for non-mattes.

      Pero parang gusto ko nung Black Orchid (Tom Ford) or the other plum I can’t remember.

  15. Sorry pero… Bagay naman a! I have a bitchy resting face~ even when I’m happy, lol.

    • Haha, I like it and I also think bagay. This is proof that women don’t wear makeup for men. :D

      • Trulaloo! Haha I’m lucky my girlfran likes dark lipstick :D Hehe. Pareho kami ng type~

        • Swerte! The ideal scenario is, your partner appreciates what you like. Surprisingly, he likes orange better than this. And the orange that I have is not as flattering on me than this one.

  16. It looks pretty! And bagay naman sayo ah, hehe. I sure can pull this off because I have the “bitch face” (hahahahaha) pero sana magustuhan ko kahit pa’no yung formula :)

    • I think so too. I actually really like it on me and I’ll continue to wear dark lips haha. If I can keep several dozen lipsticks, I still would’ve kept this.

  17. If the basis for pulling off dark lipstick is having a maangas countenance, then it should be pretty much effortless for me. Lol. I have what Bea (of Dalaga Project) coined as CBF or Chronic Bitch Face. You know the type, with the perpetual you-would-not-dare-mess-with-me look even when trying for a poker face.

    • Hahaha. I sometimes wish I have that look. I have a very approachable face and I get talked to by strangers a lot — to ask directions or what have you.

  18. I thought the matte balms of Revlon would be a great since their classic lipsticks never caused me any drying. I guess I’ll be skipping this.

    I do agree that when buying lipsticks, especially dark ones, they should be picked according to the skin tone. But I also think that there’s a dark shade for everyone even if you have very subtle features. It all comes down to how you shape your lips and adding definition to them. That’s where the pencil liner and concealer come in. ;)

    • This is already discontinued. Maybe because of the matte balms. Most plums and oxblood reds suit me well. I think this does too, I might try lips shaping for that angas-effect. Thanks!

  19. I can totally relate to you sis. I have this square-ish huge face and my mom would always tell me not to go with the dark lippies. They make me look old. I have to stick with pink daw. So I gave her my dark lippie. Maybe was just hoping for it noh. Lol. But the only bagay dark lippie for me, I think is the blaring red, which my mom kinds of disapproves.

    • I have a feeling that the more conservative ones don’t like dark colors talaga. And my fiance is one of those people :p I say, go for it pa din when your mom’s not around.

        • Hahah, it can be. In my previous office, ako lang at first, until dumami. But that was w@ts0ns HO, so, it’s more or less not considered inappropriate.

          • Ay tama. Samin kc technical eh. Tapos may areas pa na no make up allowed. Lol. So yun, pag sa labas lg ako ng lippie ng dark. hehe. Trendsetter ka pala sis. hehehe

          • Nasa technical field din ako. Ex-information systems auditor turned business analyst, kaso, the group I was with is under finance. E medyo conservative ang madaming accountants (not to offend anybody, but I am a cpa, and I used to be very reserved, haha!)

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