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Moisturizer for Both Feet and Face; and Offline ‘Beauty’ Friends

Lately, I feel like more of my offline friends are getting into skin care and makeup. I couldn’t be more excited!!! One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I didn’t think I had anyone I can talk to about ‘beauty’. Apparently, many of my offline friends are closet beauty product enthusiasts or fellow late bloomers — hello Cheche and Joy!

Last week, my friend Kat and I talked about moisturizers, again. She has been using the classic Nivea Creme on her face and if I remember right, she mentioned that it’s doing great for her (Note: Kat generally has dry skin most of the year).

I’ve used Nivea Creme on my face in the past, but y’all know how that won’t work for my oily skin. I still use it now — for my feet. Ack, I might have given Kat images of my feet dipped into her moisturizer can. Sorry! But really, it’s a great foot moisturizer.

Nivea Creme

Warning: Don’t read through the italicized text if you have a sensitive stomach.

I was once asked why the calluses on my feet aren’t dark — I think Nivea Creme should take credit for that. But callus-whitening was not why I initially bought it. My feet are extremely dry for some reason. Imagine the extent to which my face is oily — that’s how dry my feet are. If I don’t intervene, they usually get scaly and white, and my cuticles hard and crusty.

I used to use petroleum jelly, but I find it too greasy and I feel like it just sits on top of my skin. Nivea Creme seems like it ‘gets absorbed’ and that gives me satisfaction. :P

Lately, I’ve been using more of this cream because my elbows, knees, and lips are getting extra-dry (yes, I use it as a lip balm, and it doesn’t taste like anything).

I’m almost out!

Nivea Creme Emptied

I was going to get my tin can refilled at my parents’ place because they have a big tub at home. But they used it all used up so I ordered from Lazada because they’re on sale  — Php 357 for a pack of 3 60ml tins + a 25 ml deodorant — and because they asked me if I could link to them.*

My one gripe would be the packaging. I have no problems with dipping my fingers in a tub. I’m just annoyed that the cover easily comes off — not travel-friendly. I wish they had a flip-top or screw cap alternative. I placed it in my bag once, and the cream got all over my other stuff.

* Disclaimer: I purchased this emptied Nivea Creme as well as the new ones to be shipped to me.

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  1. ay im a HUGE fan of this cream! and yes it is really nice to use on dry feet :3 very effective talaga. i actually feel like its too sticky for me to use on other body parts other than my hands and feet. ive never had a problem with their lids sis, maybe its just a defect on the piece that you got? did you experience it with the other tin cans?

  2. One of my favorites! And I agree, I used to have callused feet… very similar to how you described yours. This is one of the lotions I used to get rid of those uber hard calluses. I still have some now but not as hard as before. I remember my sister buying 3 big tubs of these when she was in Germany. Those lasted a while. :P

  3. Meron pa pala ng nasa tin. I remember this when I was 5 or 7, my uncle from Saudi would give this as pasalubong to my mom and at that time I hated it cause it was too creamy and sticky. I will repurchase this one of these days kasi super dry ng dinosaur skin ko. I need this now, hehe.

  4. Haha, ok lang din if you give it away agad. Minsan, when I keep stuff with the intention of finding an alternative use for them, I end up keeping too much unused products.

  5. I’ve tried this before but found it too heavy on face. it is like the cream is just sitting on top on my skin haha. I also don’t like how this is packaged, I tend to use more product and double dipping can be an issue. Anyhoo, I gave it to my mother in law and she likes it.

    I didn’t know this is such a multipurpose product, mmm, I should think of re purposing more often. If I don’t like the product or had a reaction to it, I just gave it away to my relatives and/or friends who wants it. Btw, I currently use burts bees foot cream (trial kit) so far so good. Its just that if I think about it ang mahal nya para lang sa foot moisturizer :( around 750 pesos if i remember correctly. I might try this as a foot moisturizer since this is way affordable.

    Great find Rae :)

  6. It’s perfect in our current weather now, but I’ll probably not use this in the summer :P

    You might like it. I find petroleum jelly very heavy.

  7. I’ve tried that creme before but I only got a super oily face, I think it’s best to use if you’re in a cold environment. But I’m thinking of repurchasing it now and try it on my feet as well, maybe my petroleum jelly needs a substitute. :)

  8. Wow, never knew a guy with cracked heels before. I used to have that too, because I clean the bathroom barefoot (and I use bleach), this helped a lot.

  9. Before, I used Nivea as my night cream. But when I got married, nagreklamo ang asawa ko, ang greasy daw ng face ko. Now, I’m using Olay Total Effects.

  10. I used to use this too. Not really sure why I stopped though. Btw, Liz of Pretty Ugly said this is what she uses on her hair to maintain those lovely ringlets of hers. I was like, I didn’t know you could use that for hair too! :o :D

  11. Actually, I don’t really know. But the first two ingredients of the Nivea Lip Butters are microcrystalline wax and mineral oil), which mostly make up this creme.

    I initially had concerns about the taste and the fragrance; I thought it was going to taste bitter, and the latter is what usually irritates people. No problems so far. I only use this at night, and I wake up to smooth lips — already prepped for lipstick :D

    I haven’t seen this in plastic, what I know is that the one made in germany is different from the variants made in other places (like mexico). I remember seeing a photo of the ingredients list of 2 different nivea cremes and the ingredients are slightly different.

  12. Ok, I should give this one more shot for my dry areas (elbows and knees) cause like you said, it’s not good for people with oily skin. I recently ordered the Origins Zero Oil oil-free Moisturizer. Can’t wait to use it.

  13. It’s lip safe pala? And I’ve heard that the one in plastic is less effective than the one in a tin. Is this true? I’ve always trusted this for super dry areas but I do avoid the plastic tubs.

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