I didn’t plan on writing about beauty resolutions for the new year. Usually, whatever it is that I want to stop or start doing, I just go at it the moment the idea crosses my mind.

But I wanted to put an emphasis on a specific thing I want to do more this year, so here I am on the resolution bandwagon.

It came to me when I was just about to send an order form for several Real Techniques Brushes.

Right before I was about to click send, I asked myself:

Could there be brushes like these
sold by tax-paying Filipino entrepreneurs?

I wrote about opting for local products eight months ago, but being the scatterbrained person that I am, I lost focus.

Going back to buying brushes — the first brand that came to mind was Charm. I realized that they can already cover all of my eye makeup brush needs (I want to hone my eye makeup skills this year). I also found something I like from the Soffia line, I imagine it to be a bigger version of Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush:

SOFFIA Flat Top Brush

Unfortunately, Charm does not have anything similar to the Expert Face Brush, Blush Brush, and the Retractable Angled Kabuki Brush. I’m still considering the first two Real Techniques brushes. But for the retractable kabuki, I might just buy a similarly shaped Charm brush and just put it in a Brush Guard to make it makeup bag-friendly.

I also remember wanting to buy Virginia Olsen’s sculpting brush but I was waiting for enough reviews for it. Is Virginia Olsen a local brand?

Some local makeup products also caught my eye.

Whenever I go to Watsons, I always find myself swatching Fanny Serrano square eye shadows. They look so much like Bobbi Brown and I’m a little turned off by that. But I can’t say the same for the eye shadows themselves. They are very pigmented. In fact, they are more pigmented (and less chalky) compared to the Bobbi Brown eye shadows I own. Here are reviews from Sabs and Carina.

I also want to check out James Cooper and Pinkies Collection eye shadows. I already have one from the latter — a vibrant matte purple.

I might look at local matte lipsticks but I’m on a VERY strict 6-lipsticks-at-a-time policy and I currently have 10. I should be letting go of four and not buying more.

If you have other recommendations, let me know. I’m currently into blushers and eye shadows.

P.S. I want to say that maybe buying local can help reduce our carbon footprint but I have no information on cosmetics manufacturing practices in our country and most Filipino cosmetic companies import products from abroad.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. I say go for Real Techniques! Their Blush Brush is my favorite – perfect size for my face as I use it all around. And I get you with the tax-worries, so surprise, we have an official RT distributor in Manila, it’s KALM Cosmetics. I know the people behind the business so you really help build better roads if you purchase from them. :)

    • I’m sure I will get the expert face brush and the blush brush. There’s nothing quite like it at that price. Thanks for pointing me towards KALM Cosmetics.

  2. The RT Expert Face Brush is so worth your money! I use it for liquid and cream foundation, for cream blushes and to blend my concealer. Hahaha the possibilities are endless!

    • Haha, ok, ok, I’m convinced. I haven’t seen anything like it, really. And it looks like it doesn’t have a lot of yield. Perfect for buffing in products.

  3. ay sis have you seen the new pics of riri mac viva glam lipstick? its a nice shade of red but its not matte, i read somewhere that it is going to be frosty but based on rhiannas pic parang okay naman. for me, parang its matte with glitters, and its not glossy shine more on glitter shine so im really excited about it :)

    • I’m imagining it to still be as velvet looking as mac riri woo with a two-toned finish. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

      Pero di pa din ako nakaka-getover na hindi ako nakabili ng bad girl riri. Haha.

      • ay ako din kaso with mac heaux naman, btw i think i saw bad girl riri on ebay ph recently :) someone was selling mac heaux but P2000 ang mahal grr

        • Oo nga. Exag!!! Anyway, have you seen ‘real’ swatches of Rihanna Viva Glam? Parang shiny sya.

  4. Hi Rae! Unfortunately, a lot of our local cosmetics brands just import from China. Very few manufacture locally (I’m pretty sure that Snoe and Ellana are locally formulated and produced.). Brushes, most especially, are just China rebrands. In terms of carbon footprint: it’s hard to assume that local is necessarily better as China’s factories offer huge economies of scale.

    • I had a feeling that is the case. Will check out stuff from Snoe. Maybe I’ll replace my Ben Nye with one of their setting powders.

  5. May brush yata ang Happy Skin but I think they sell it in sets, I’m not sure if it’s available individually. I also have a bunch of Charm brushes. I’m tempted to buy a set!

    • Meron daw available individually, pero merong brushes na sa srt lang mabibili.

  6. The best local brand that I could think of is Nichido. I love their blushes, but they’re not as long lasting compared to other brands. As for their eye shadows, it’s not that pigmented. I really do like their eye liners and brow pencils, too :)

    • I tried one from them, a frosted light pink pencil para sana sa inner corner of my eyes. Kaso parang super tigas. Maybe the darker ones are better, will check out their eyeliners. Right now, I’m very satisfied with Bobbi Brown waterproof pencil. Kaso ang mahal.

  7. genzelkisses Reply

    Ohhh Virginia Olsen is a brand from the US I think. They have nice lippies! But not matte. For the brush, go for Ellana!!! <3 I have their baby buki brush that I still use. Bought it 3 years ago. I also got their flat top brush! Better than sigma! :) Will try to review it the soonest I can :)

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