It’s a shame that I don’t do link love posts often. I’m always either too lazy or just plain forgetful.

But I stumbled upon 2 videos that are just too awesome not to share. I’ll be doing the people of the interwebs a huge disservice if I keep these to myself.

Still not convinced it is worth your time?


These videos will make you look like a supermodel in head shots.

And imagine a life where you’ll never have a badly taken ID picture EVER again. Note: I am not exaggerating.

I look up to people like Peter Hurley. It takes a very confident person to share knowledge to all of the world and not feel threatened that they will lose everything.

P.S. You’re welcome.


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    • Yup! Perfect timing. I’m sure a lot photos will be taken this holiday season.

  1. The squich is nothing new as I hear it from Tyra Banks all the time (smize=smile with your eyes). Pero I never imagined it works on guys too!
    And the jaw thing! My gosh! Works like magic! As in I’m gonna use this a lot from now on!

  2. Imma do that squinch but I hardly have a jaw…sooo… hahaha! Thank you for sharing this though! Just learned A LOT in a few minutes.


    • Ako naman, I practiced the jaw thing, I think meron na akong stiff neck :P

  3. aaaa i cannot do the squich properly! the jawline works well tho ^^ imma use it next time i take a pic of myself :P

    • I know! Since I have poor eyesight, I think I already have a permanent squinch. The jaw trick is awesome.

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