I didn’t expect to “like” this.

It’s everything a ‘tinted moisturizer’ for oily-skinned people should be.

  • it’s easy to blend in
  • it evens out the skin tone
  • it cancels out redness
  • it’s matte but not overly matte (in person)
  • it can seriously diffuse large pores; and
  • it was able to make me appear presentable after oiling up
  • it has SPF 30 from titanium dioxide; and
  • it has tea tree oil.

But despite ALL that, this is the bb cream that made me dislike bb creams even more.

too cool for school rules of trouble dual cover bb cream

And you already know that it’s not because it’s bad.

It’s because this could have been a staple everyday face base if not for one non-negotiable thing: color selection.

If I wear it on its own I will look like a vampire who is hours away from dying of starvation.

Nothing in my bulleted list of likes can salvage that.

Yes, I can always ‘correct’ it with yellow powder. But then, I would have to blend in a lot of powder to make my face, neck, and chest all the same color. The amount of powdering defeats the purpose of using a bb cream as an alternative to foundation — and it ruins the demi-matte quality that I liked about it in the first place.

It doesn’t make me feel enhanced. I think I’m better off bare-faced.

too cool for school rules of trouble dual cover bb cream

Unfortunately, this is a no for me.

– I am now a bb cream convert.
– Still not jumping on the bb cream bandwagon.

P.S. I am seriously wondering why people are ditching foundation to bb creams because the latter is supposed to be ‘lighter’. I find it easier to achieve a  no makeup makeup look with a lightweight foundation that comes in my shade.

Note: This review is based on 3 consecutive days of use. First in an airconditioned environment, and the last two days during a monsoon season.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Etude House has a good range of colors in their bb creams if you’d still like to try some out. =)

    • I have sampled a few, there were indeed deeper colors, but the undertones don’t match my skin.

  2. ahahaha my sister is also having a lot of trouble with bb creams kasi pinapaputi yung face niya and she’s a bit tan. she also have an oily skin type and napansin namin na grayish effect ng bb cream sa kanya. me on the other hand is okay with half of the bb cream samples that I have. the best one is a sample that I got from a korean seller na hindi masyadong sikat dito sa pinas next is yung sa skin food pero and di ko maintindihan is kung paano nakakaubos yung iba ng 1 tube for just a couple of months. for me the best pa rin ang primer hehehe

  3. Hahahaha. Loving that vampire on the brink of starvation comment! That’s exactly what I look like when I apply BB creams too. I don’t really know how to blend and all that so I just wait for my face to absorb some of it.

  4. I expect BB creams to be a little sticky, pasty and heavy as they are supposed to be healing “balms” and I actually feel duped with lighter BB creams.

    And I still keep forgetting to send my “contribution”. LOL! I’m so sorry!

    • That makes a lot of sense. If BB creams were created initially to protect the skin post-laser treatments, it should be in a consistency that will create a film of “protection”.

  5. Im not a fan of BB creams too. I look like a vampire too. Tapos I had one before, na kulay grey ang itsura ko.

  6. I think a lot of the BB cream hype has to do with it being a skin care product as well. And yun nga, para pumuti. Pero hindi ko naman masyadong gustong pumuti. So di nalang. :))

    • Me too. I like to keep my color as is. For a time, I wanted to be tanner, but I decided that I’m ok with where my genes landed me on in the skin color spectrum. The funny thing is, I don’t think BB cream users replaced all their other skin care products with just the BB cream. Esp acne-prone people like me. I need my topical meds.

  7. I got a sample sized one of these and just ended up at the back of my makeup drawer. I don’t know why, this feels a bit thick on my face. Parang ang lagkit ng face ko when I used this.

  8. When I read “I didn’t expect to “like” this” I thought you’ve become a convert, hahah. I always rely on your honest reviews. I think, for me at least, I will never use BB creams again. I will just switch to foundation for days when I need to look more put together (special occasions) and use powder foundation for just going out. What I need now is a good concealer, any recos? But then again, I am lured by CC creams haha!

    • I’m currently using bobbi brown foundation stick as a concealer. When I bought it, I imagined I’m getting a 2-in-one deal: a foundation for special occasions and a concealer for everyday.

      I also have mac studio fix, collection lasting perfection concealer, and bys (medium). Of the 3, I like bys the most.

      • i also recommend mac studio fix for concealers and nars radiant creamy concealer. i was suppose to buy the collection lasting perfection concealer but they didnt have it in my color. it was out of stock based on the tester it seems good and has a lot of coverage :D

        to rae – i share the same opinion with these BB creams. at first i really wanted to buy one but i havent found any brand that actually matches my skin perfectly. i have one from tony moly which is practically white on my skin lol.

        • Mac Studio Fix is just awesome. The closest to my skin tone, NC 35 is too orange for me. But on the undereye, the orangeness is just perfect

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