All that bb cream talk is exhausting. It’s difficult to write about stuff I don’t like. Words just don’t flow as fast as when I talk about things I’m more excited about, and there’s been a few of this month.

First off, Bioderma is now available at Watsons among BYS’ stocks. I hope it isn’t a one-time offering because I already bought the last bottle at their MOA branch. Hopefully, they won’t up the price when they restock considering the demand. They are selling the 500 ml bottle for Php 799 when it is priced twice as much in local online stores. It is almost as cheap as Bifesta at Php419 per 300 ml bottle.

Second, Paula’s Choice Philippines launched! I read it first on Argie‘s blog. Currently, they seem to be only available from the website but Arg mentioned in her post that Zalora Philippines will soon be reselling the products. I’ll wait til then because I have a discount voucher I haven’t used yet. I have my eyes on this:


I just… I have no words…


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  1. Been seeing a lot of Bioderma raves online, but never really bit into the *hype* because I find it too expensive (through online resellers). But if it’s now readily available at Watson’s and at a more affordable rate to boot, I just might get tempted enough to give it a whirl. :D Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hahaha. Sobrang mahal nga online. You’d rather spend that money on actual makeup instead of a remover.

  2. Waaaah I’m so excited with everything in your list sis <3 Paula's choice is really good! You'll like it for sure :) The bioderma one, I want to try it too I hope they have it here in Watsons. The hourglass, where can I buy that palette?

    • Not sure where you can buy the hourglass palette here. Will be asking my brother to get it for me. :D

  3. When I saw the Hourglass palette, I was equally speechless. It’s just too beautiful!!!


  4. Ikaw pala yung umubos nung sa MOA! Hahah! I saw the display bottle last weekend kaso wala ng stock! I looove the Hourglass powders but oh my gulay so mahal. Hehe

    • Hahaha, ako nga. Mukhang sulit yung hourglass relative to buying individually.

  5. Oooohhh. I’ve seen Bioderma in an online store once and I was curious why one bottle costs so much.. Hihi. I’m glad to see they’re now available for a cheaper price. Hope they’ll restock soon.

    • Hope it’s available whine you visit a watsons store. I think those with BYS has bioderma

    • Waah, I’m excited for the palette. I asked my brother to get it from me and he’s coming home tomorrow. :D

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