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Beyond Boycotting Non-Cruelty-Free Companies

I haven’t posted an update re: my de-stashing project, but it’s still in progress. And as I go on with streamlining my skin care and makeup stuff, I realized that minimalism might be more kind to animals than just boycotting non-cruelty-free companies.

If I buy only non-cruelty-free stuff, but in quantities so much more than what I can consume, I’m doing nature a disservice.

Nature = Animal Habitat

To take part in not taking care of nature is, in a sense, animal-cruelty, right?

And here I am swallowing a bitter pill.

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  1. Amen! I have hoarded a lot of nail polish and I noticed some of them are drying out so I have stopped buying anything. Hihi. I even made a timer on my blog to help me think twice when I want to buy something. I really want to use what I bought first before Christmas… lol.(^^,)

  2. I want minimalism with the products I use as well. What I do is give to relatives those products I think I won't use. This post reminds me of getting into my things and remove the unnecessary ones. ;)

  3. Looking forward to your MINIS posts! I'm guilty of hoarding, but I'm trying to be good by rotating my products so I finish it all. Your minimalist approach is inspiring though. Soon, soon,.

  4. You have a point here. Minimalism is more important because I sometimes feel like going CF is like expecting a drop in the ocean to cause a tidal wave. There's just too much containers polluting the earth and too much product being wasted because people like to hoard and stash products every season.

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