7 years ago, at Skin Food, I sampled what I now realize is the first BB cream I have ever tried. I didn’t like it because there wasn’t a shade that matched me and it was so hard to spread out.

They say BB creams were initially made to protect skin after undergoing a laser procedure. That makes a lot of sense because BB creams, particularly the earlier releases, form a layer of product much like a diaper rash cream. I can imagine it being able to protect red, irritated baby bottoms.

Since there is no certifying body that qualifies which tinted face cream should or should not be labeled as a BB cream, I will stick to what I had always known BB creams to be — broad spectrum SPF face creams that are greyish, and with the consistency, un-spreadability, and finish of a zinc oxide-based sunblock.

With that, I think that Avon Skin Goodness BB cream is a BB cream poser.

In my imaginary bb cream qualification checklist, this passed only one bb cream criteria — it has the infamous bb cream greyness.

Apart from that it doesn’t seem like a bb cream to me. It is runny and easy to spread. It doesn’t form a film of grease that sits on top of the skin.  In my assessment, this is a beige tinted moisturizer added with a grey hue to make it seem like a bb cream.

I got anxious about it being grey. I kept thinking how I was supposed to go 3 days trying to cover up a zombie face. Thankfully, it almost doesn’t have any coverage. But even just a small tinge of grey can suck the life out of my face. I guess that’s true for all of us.

In 1 of the 3 days, I tried not powdering over it when I left the house just to see how it would look like meshed with my skin oils. When I reached the office, most of the greyness was gone, so did the lighter than light coverage. It’s almost like I’m barefaced with slightly diffused pores.

If you have blemishes, post-acne marks, and uneven skin tone, this is not for you. But if you don’t have those problems, this can work. But then again, you won’t need a bb cream, right?

Just applied:

It has some flashback expected of something with titanium dioxide.

I’m not sure if there’s any other shade because the Avon website is not very informative. Anyway, when I checked their e-brochure, I found out that there’s a whitening variant that has SPF 35 PA+++.

If I consider this as just a tinted sunblock, I would say it’s not bad because it’s not very greasy and it looks ok under powder. But if I would buy it (I won’t), I would get the whitening variant because it has higher spf, and from reviews, this and the whitening variant have the same finish and consistency.

If you classify this as a bb cream with all its million-in-one claims, you will be disappointed. But if you’re just looking for an affordable sunblock (Php 299), this could work.

– I am now a bb cream convert.
– Still not jumping on the bb cream bandwagon.

P.S. This is a review based on 3 consecutive days of use. I got the tube from a sample box.

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  1. I’m not surprised with the review. I was disappointed with this one too.

  2. Ohhh, now I know why a lot of friends told me they will not buy this BB Cream ever again. Good thing I didn't get this. Thanks for posting this sis!

  3. It took me a while to find a bb cream that isn't too whitening or too grey. I agree that if they grey undertones are visible on the face, it can make the face look lifeless! Thankfully, I found with some bb/cc creams, the grey isn't too noticeable.

    • What bb cream brand/ shade was it? I’m tan so I’m not getting my hopes up

  4. Avon's cheek colors are ok nga, or is it because I have very low standards with cheek color and have never tried the higher end ones?:pBut seriously, I really love Avon's cheek tint too. Wish I could get it in other colors.

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