My heart breaks every time I write this type of post. I feel like I’m writing about a failed relationship with an ex, which is something no one should be writing about. But since I know that Revlon won’t take it personally and because pencils don’t have feelings, let’s get moving.

 First, let me put this into perspective.

I don’t do expert-level eyelining tricks. If you check my photo in this post, The Face of 30, you will see that my eyelids are heavily hooded. It doesn’t make sense for me to master doing snazzy eyeliner shapes. I don’t even do winged eyeliner.

I just deposit color into my lash bed (aka tightlining) and on special occasions, I line my waterline.

I also want to mention that my eyelids are oily and I have sported aegyo sal eyes since birth. Apparently, my mini-eyebags are on trend in Korea. I can’t believe people undergo to surgery just to get them. Here’s a video on it: Aegyo Sal Makeup Tutorial.

A lot of people like this eyeliner. Of the 1,498 people who reviewed it on Makeup Alley, 74% said they would purchase it again, with a rating of 4 out of 5 lippies.

I don’t get it.

I only like that it’s matte and that it doesn’t need to be sharpened. Other than that, here’s what I think about it:

Packaging and Application

The twist up packaging seems convenient in theory, but I don’t think it was well-executed. The ‘pencil’ wobbles a bit so I’m always careful not to twist out too much.

And since the product tugs the not-your-normal-friction tug on the lids, it doesn’t help that it’s wobbly. I experienced the pencil breaking on me when not even half a centimeter of product was out. Note that it was still new-ish when that happened and the pencil hasn’t dried out.

I went out of my way to ask Martha of The Beauty Junkee how she uses this. She suggested warming it up on the back of my hand first but I already did that. I even tried the hair blower technique to melt the pencil a little but it didn’t help

Wear and Longevity

ColorStay? Hmmm, more like ColorStray. Since oily-skinned netizens rave endlessly of the Revlon ColorStay foundation, I thought maybe the eyeliner from the line would do well for my oily lids. In an airconditioned environment where only my oiliness is at play, the eyeliner would already smudge before lunch even came. And because I have aegyo sal eyebags that are as oily as the rest of my face, the eyeliner would stamp itself on them. If I wear it on my waterline, it would always slide on to my bags. I can’t imagine how I would look like if I wore it in Philippine-heat and humidity sans airconditioning.

Below are swatches courtesy of my pet Minion. In about 5 minutes in, I smeared the left swatch (no sebum and water was involved).

For reference, I have it in black. It might perform differently on the other colors as some have mentioned. I also might have gotten a bad one. But it retails for around Php 500 and that’s too expensive for me to risk purchasing again.

If you have the same conditions as I have — Stay Away.

The photos in this post were taken by our friend Manzi. No Minion was harmed in the photo shoot.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Cute cute photos. I'm not much of a fan of makeups, but I like eyeliners (but only if I remember to apply them, which is once or twice a week…hehehe)

  2. Creative photos!Great review!!for the first time, I'm sharing my beauty secrets, philippine products that are safe and effective. read more by clicking this link

  3. You are so stylish!Love those photos.Amazing review by the way.for the first time, I'm sharing my beauty secrets, philippine products that are safe and effective. read more by clicking this link

  4. i love the photos of your blog sis!super creative hehe..thanks for the review. actually my next target is to look for a good eyeliner product. although i'm in no rush since I still have my gel eyeliner from maybelline :)

  5. Thanks Arya, oo nga e, kinailangan ko tuloy mag-leave from work. I hope everything gets better. They said sa Thursday pa daw aalis yung bagyo.

  6. I just love the creativity of your photos, too bad the product sucks like the Monday weather in the Philippines.regards from

  7. No prob, there are a lot of other options. I think I'll opt for an asian brand next.P.S. For some reason, your comments are being tagged by disqus as spam. Just saw it today.

  8. yikes, too bad for this eyeliner it doesn't perform good for you! haven't tried it though but thanks for the heads up :) anyway, kyot minions!

  9. Lovin' your product photos with the Minion here! :D

    I think it really is a bit harder than usual to find a good smudge-proof eyeliner for oily-skinned individuals. My office mate is a bit oily too, and even gel eyeliners smudge on her lids.

  10. Minion!!!! <3

    My eyebags aren't as cute as yours but my eyeliner and mascara always smudge then tint my lower lids. And because I'm thin and have long, dry hair, I end up looking like a Tim Burton movie lead.

  11. airam halili Reply

    Ms. Rae, iba na po yung YouTube channel and blog account ko po.

  12. airam halili Reply

    Ms. Rae! Si Rhia po ito! I'm baaaaaack! ^^

    By the way, I love that you include a minion sa photos! Hihi. So cute! I agree that Kate Kanebo has some of the best eyeliners. My friend swears by it!

  13. Getting really excited with the suggestions in here. Hmmm, aside from Maybelline, I'm probably going to try something from a Japanese brand too, Kate fits the bill.

  14. Kate has some of the best eyeliners evah! It's my option for those bad-girl nights out (oooh I'm such a rebel.) Dawn of Peachy Pink Sisters (who has oily lids) swears by Kanebo (Kate's more expensive mother brand).

  15. Shevasherapy Reply

    As I also have oily lids, I'm staying away from this eyeliner. I also don't like it when I have to tug on my eyelids when applying a liner.

    I might try the Maybelline one as it seems highly recommended based on the comments here!

  16. I really love your style of writing Rae! And your photos are superb, I love that last shot it looks like the minion was the one who wrote the lines, cutie! I've never tried Revlon eyeliners. The ones that work for me are Shawill Liquid 128.00 , Avon Glimmersticks (my all time favorite waterproof retractable eyeliner), and K-Palette. :)

  17. I was going to collect all of them pero out-of-stock din dito. I was only able to get one. Tapos ngayon smurfs na. I don't fancy them.

    Some suggested maybelline daw, I might give it a try, will write a review if I ever get to buy it.

  18. I think I found a way to make good use of makeup alley. I'll sort the reviews from lowest rank, and I'll assess if I like it based on the reasons why they hate it. That shouldve bee obvious to me

  19. Homebased Diva Reply

    Thanks for the honest, straightforward review. Cute pics!

  20. omg you turned a negative review into something really interesting because of your pet minion <333 its so cute! if you are still looking for a good retractable eye pencil that doesnt smudge i use maybelline master liner. i have very oily eyelids and this was one of the few that worked for me. you can swatch it sometime its only PHP350.00 :)

  21. I do visit make-up alley once in a while but I try not to rely on the lipstick rating too much. I'm not sure if my assumption is right but I think majority of the users there live in cooler climates and only few of them have monolids or heavily hooded eyes. I wanted to own a water-proof/smudge-proof retractable eyeliner sana na mid-range(tama ba ang term?), the type that can be used for tight-lining tapos hindi nag.tatransfer ang color sa lower lash line but I haven't heard of one pa na ok.

    Ang cute ng minion! Pabalik2 ako sa mcdo last month pero palaging out of stock ang happy meal nila with the minion toys T_T

  22. I tried this one at the counter but was not impressed. It transferred almost immediately despite my giving time for it to dry up. Maybelline's twist-up pencil liner and Nature Republic's provence fleur gel liner are better (both are below P400).

  23. Hahahaha. Minions always make me laugh. It really looked like it was the one who drew on your hand. Hihi. And that's too bad about that eyeliner. It's so expensive pa naman…

  24. Sorry for laughing, but I love the photos! Haha <3 It's such a shame that this didn't work on you :( The pigmentation looks superb pa naman.

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