If you check a few of my product review posts, you would notice that most of them are of emptied products or of stuff I already re-purchased. I do that mostly because my opinion of a product changes significantly after the high of newness wears off — and partly because I’m struggling with procrastination.

But once in a while, there are toss-aways, products that just had to go into the trash and/ or become another one’s treasure.

mary kay tinted moisturizer spf 20 sunscreen

You might remember this tinted moisturizer from the Upkeep Tray post I published a while back.  I’ve been using it every morning since then.  I didn’t get to finish the tube because last week I noticed that it’s already been 2 years since I first opened it. That’s way past its period-after-opening life of 12 months.

Prior to putting it in the Upkeep Tray for deliberate and exclusive use, I remember that most of its lifetime was spent in a drawer. It’s one of those products that I don’t remember I have.

When I think about it, it isn’t actually that bad. In fact, I like it better than all of the bb creams I road-tested.  It didn’t break me out and it has a good mix of physical and chemical sunblock ingredients.

My problem with it is that when I use it, I don’t feel enhanced. You know how some tinted moisturizers — although they have sheer coverage — manage to make you look like a slightly better version of yourself? This doesn’t do that.

I feel that the effort of slapping it on does not commensurate to what it gives apart from the SPF. I remember that I only use it as a sunscreen when I have relatively clear skin. It’s not the first thing I think of when I need a lightweight base to make me look less tired.

The shade that I have is beige 2. On the color matrix I found online, it’s supposed to be yellow. But it wasn’t yellow enough for me. The upside is, the coverage is too light that the contrast to my skin is not as glaring as the greyness of most bb creams. The other shades that they have are ivory and beige 1 and both are too light for me.

But, even if they have my shade, I don’t think I would reach for this more frequently if used on its own.  The finish is shiny and although I feel like it has already sunk in, it looks like it’s sitting on top of my face. It can be easily remedied by setting with a powder but I was hoping I would have to do that a few hours into the day and not right after application.

Thankfully, I found a way to make it work instead of giving up altogether.

In one of Wayne Goss’ videos, he recommended mixing full coverage concealer with a moisturizer.

I tried mixing in a tiny bit of Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and suddenly it’s perfect —  and it was indeed my favorite face base combo for the brief period I was using it.  If I hadn’t noticed that it was already expired I could have finished the tube.

The concealer toned down the shine, warmed up the tone, and increased the coverage.  I didn’t feel like I was punishing myself anymore for buying it.

But given that epiphany, I will not buy this tinted moisturizer again and I’m just glad I ended up throwing out only a third of the contents.

That’s one down and two more unfavoritable face bases to go.

P.S. In case you’re wondering about the sudden and significant improvement of the photos on this post relative to the previous ones, please be assured that I didn’t steal them, haha.  They were taken by Manzi, a friend of mine and E’s. He volunteered to take pictures for me because he hasn’t done product shots yet.


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  1. Love your new photos dear! <3 Oh, I haven't tried any tinted moisturizer before. Sad to know you don't really like this product. I believe Mary Kay is better with their skincare line? I've read it from a blog too.

  2. Oh cool! Hehe. Yun din ung nakita ko. Super ganda ng backgrounds mo. Hihi. And I'm not really a fan of tinted moisturizers (pero ang daming sellers nito, ha). I've tried some before and either I looked like a ghost or I looked like espasol… Haha. I'll stick to ordinary moisturizers muna.
    (>_< )

  3. Yun nga una ko napansin, ang ganda ng photos. Hehehe! Mabuti na lang nag review ka nito kasi dami ko nakikita sale ng mary kay products sa IG. Thinking if I'l purchase this or not, so the answer is NO na :)

  4. I was just gonna comment on your awesome pics! He should give out pointers, these are good :P

    Anyway, I was seriously just gonna do a Mary Kay post. Pity this isn't good. I like the luminous foundation though. Very dewy.

  5. ilevillegas Reply

    It's a pity this isn't a good tinted moisturizer. I heard Mary Kay products are expensive. And I think when it comes to foundation, I'd rather go with a product that enhances your look even if it has sheer coverage than foundations with heavy coverage. That's what I feel about Maybelline's Aqua Gel Foundation.

  6. Nice of you to share how this TM can work better. I totally get you on the part where you'd like to love a product because it doesnt harm the skin (talkin abt breakouts) but it just doesnt do anything other than that. Pretty much like an empty promise, lol.

    Nice product shots! I already noticed the “photo by:” markings on them before I read your postscript. Glad to know they werent stolen, haha!

  7. Shevasherapy Reply

    I'm really bad at keeping tabs on expiration dates. I go by smell and if the product looks funky. Not a goo habit, I know and I'm trying to change that. Good tip on the mixing thing. I'll do that with my Collection concealer too.

  8. Home-Based Diva Reply

    You also watch Wayne Goss? I like how he gives straightforward advice :)

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