Today is probably the worst-est day I’ve had at work… ever.

I felt sad, frustrated, and upset and all I wanted was for the work day to end, go home, have dinner and coffee with E, and watch comedy clips on youtube hoping that it could appease me somehow.

Upon signing on, I saw Essie Button in my video feed. She’s one of those people who talks and smiles at the same time. Whenever I watch her, I feel myself smiling too.

I didn’t realize that the video I clicked of hers was of a somewhat negative topic. Good thing she kicked it off by sharing this insanely hilarious workout: The Oppa Gangnam Style Cardio Workout.

I feel ok now. It’s just too impossible to finish this workout and not feel better.

It only took 5 minutes and already I am sweating buckets. It’s the most fun I’ve had working out since working with Pinay Fitness.

Try it ;)


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  1. sarap lang magwork out pag galit. haha :D My favorite is Cassey Ho of Blogilates ^^

    *kisses* from

  2. I prefer punching faces as a form of workout after a bad day. :p I remember the first time I tried dancing Gangnam Style, I was out of breath.

  3. Samantha Justine Zamora Reply

    I follow Ellen Adarna's workout. hahaha ok na ang jump rope sakin :P

    [b]Beauty Tips: Taking Care of Your Lips[/b]


  4. Awww, good thing weekend na! Bawiin ang bad vibes!

    I need to start working out again!

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