There’s a drugstore down E’s office building where there were vaseline reps giving away samples of these. He brought 2 home thinking they would be great for a Macho Monday post.

Before this, I didn’t know that Filipino men are into whitening. E doesn’t need whitening. His skin is already white as it is — the type of white that gets cooked like a shrimp when exposed to the sun. He doesn’t transition from tan to red. He burns right away.

He isn’t really interested in the whitening aspect of this product. But he sure likes exfoliating his skin. Digression: sometimes I cringe whenever I see him swipe a cotton pad drenched in VMV Superskin 3 toner after shaving. He doesn’t swipe, he scours his face — like he’s cleaning a dirty frying pan.

The scrub is very similar to Garnier Pure Active Multi-action Scrub which he liked. It creates a lot of lather. Here is E’s brief take on the product
It’s ok, the scrub feels nice. I can feel the beads. But they’re not dense. It cleans but it’s nothing special. I like garnier oil mask more because that one has mint. [translated to english]

I found it amusing how he described it particularly when he said ‘nothing special’… spoken like a true beauty product reviewer :P

And now I know that he likes mint. I should’ve already known this since his favorite shampoo is Head & Shoulders’ Cool Menthol variant.

I tried the scrub on myself too, before I began my Lush Ultra Bland Experiment. To be honest, I feel like there isn’t any difference between men and women’s foamy scrub cleansers. It wasn’t any harsher and it didn’t smell as manly as I have expected. It feels just like the Garnier Multi-action Scrub or, if it had scrubby bits, the Too Cool For School Rules of Pore Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser. The only difference between those cleansers and Vaseline Men is that the latter had a macho color scheme packaging… and the price point. Women seem to be willing to pay more. I’ve actually been exploring men’s skin care territory because they are cheaper and I’ve already added a few in my grooming routine.

To end this post, I asked E if he would buy the scrub and he said:

Hmmmm… No. Hindi naman ako mahilig bumili. Possibly? Pero hindi ko alam presyo nya.

And with that, let’s assume that the product is not bad, it’s just not mind-blowing enough to buy. I’m sure he’ll just use whatever I put on the sink.


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  1. He sounds like a true beauty reviewer! I like how he can compare products he used. BF just used whatever I give him too then he'll just tell me to buy a different one if he doesn't like it. I'll take down notes the products he doesn't like so I won't be buying them again. Right now he's just using Cetaphil for his uber sensitive skin. I'm also thinking of trying out products for men. Just curious :D I started with their hair wax and gels, I like it. It's just the scent. too masculine.

  2. my hubby's using the nivea mud foam clay something with the minty feel too. I even use it sometimes cause I like it's cooling effect.

  3. I'll recommend this to my bro! Haha! He's currently using L'Oreal for Men products. Maybe this will be effective on him and this is much more affordable too! :)

  4. That is something I should see (with E). He's still not touching moisturizers of any kind. I was hoping to get him to use sunblock coz he's pale.

  5. nice! another macho monday post. kahit di to para sakin nilolook forward ko ang review niyong dalawa. katuwa kasi :)

  6. Oohh, I didn't know that Filipino men are into whitening as well..until my boyfriend started tinkering with my stuff and became interested with Pond's whitening cream given by a friend. He loved it. I was mortified but I can't say I'm not liking it. Hehe. He will kill me if he finds out that I shared it here tho. Bwahah.

  7. wonderwoman45 Reply

    I love the way you write! And I love this segment so much, I wanna steal it. Haha.

  8. Ang game niya, how cute! I never thought to use men's products because my skin is sooo dry and men's products are usually made for oilier skin. Do share your adventures :)

  9. Wow E is so supportive with Macho Monday! I think I had a few guy friends try this a few years back… or probably it was just the cleanser(long story how I got those products). They lost the tube before they even finished it. hahaha! Ironically, when one of my friends started selling carrot soap, it sold like pancakes. Apparently guys do care about whitening products.

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