Ironically, snowcake soap started this whole summer lush obsession.

As soon as the first onslaught of this year’s summer heat, my mind went — I have a winter soap here somewhere!!! I rummaged through drawers looking for a bar of white soap with gold dust on it.

Photo Source: Lush UK

If not for my super bright yet illogical idea that winter soap could work for summer, I wouldn’t have found out how Lush can make Philippine summer so much more bearable.

I haven’t experienced snow and winter so I don’t have anything to associate this with. My first whiff of this soap didn’t conjure images of snowmen, Game of Thrones, and the north pole.

On days when I was deliberately in a zen-like be-present mindset, it smelled like vanilla almond cake that is not straight up vanilla almond (I hope I made sense there). It had just the right amount of sweetness perfect for people who don’t like in-your-face sweet scents.

On other days, it smelled like the classic Ivory soap with hints of nuts and milk.

Lush Snowcake Soap

If there was Lush back in the roman times, Cleopatra might have chosen this over bathing in milk.  The soap is very creamy but it doesn’t leave a slippery residue.

Unlike Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, this one is not drying.

It leaves its scent for a good few hours enough for me to forget that it’s summer, and humid, and not alone to publicly smell my forearm incessantly.

I would repurchase but the soap is seasonal so I have to wait til the Christmas season — or wait even longer for the holiday 50% off sale season.

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the price. But you already know that with Lush soaps, you’re not buying just a soap — you’re buying an experience.


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  1. I have never tried Lush soaps, but I live in the middle of nowhere. I just started making my own soap in a crock pot. I know what’s in it and it is totally customizable. I love my homemade soap! For the first time in my life, soap doesn’t make my skin itch. You can put whatever essential oil you like, including making it smell good enough to eat. I will never buy overpriced store-bought soap again. Ever.

    • Cool! Do you have a link for the recipe? I’d love to make my own soap.

  2. thebudgetfashionseeker Reply

    i like the last line: “But you already know that with Lush soaps, you're not buying just a soap — you're buying an experience.”

    now that made me curious :)

  3. It looks more like a cake than a soap! Your description that it smelled like vanilla has gotten me curious. I always love soaps that leave a nice smell after. It makes bathing a nicer experience too, not just a routine.

  4. Hi Cha, I can relate. A few years back you wouldn't catch me entering a Lush store. All the scents together is just too overwhelming even when you're a few meters outside pa lang.

  5. Super loving Lush soaps but they are quite expensive. Haven't tried this yet but I will when it's available. You sold it to me with 'Vanilla' alone! My favorite scent from them is still Karma Soap. :)

  6. Cha Yungco-Salvador Reply

    I want to try that because of its name! Lush soaps really look so good. It's just that every time I step on their store and inhale that first whip, I'll start going out right away. The mixed scent is just overwhelming and it doesn't help that I have allergies. But maybe now that I know what to look for, I'll try to go again and hold my breath a little.

    Looking forward to your Lush review series!

  7. Hi Shari, you'll have to wait til Christmas to try this, but it's definitely a must-try.

    I really like Honey I Washed The Kids and not even dryness can deter me from repurchasing. But if you really want something that's not drying. Try their It's Raining Men shower gel. It's the same scent only in liquid form.

  8. I super love Ro's Argan body conditioner. Havent tried pa any of their bar soaps. Choosing between Karma, Honey I washed (but you said drying sooo maybe no na!) and this (since it's vanilla scented!). What do you think?

  9. Haha, Lush is an acquired taste for me. If you're not sensitive to fragrance and you love soaps that smell like food, you should be able to find something you like.

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