I don’t know why I’m drawn to sweet-scented stuff when I don’t like eating sweets.  Serve me free cake, chocolate, and candy — and chances are, I won’t even touch them . Give me sweet food-scented bath stuff and I’m yours.

If you’re aversed to overly sweet scents, please stop reading now because this shower gel is NOT for you.

Lush and Summer: Snow Fairy Shower Gel

To be honest, I can’t relate the scent to snow or fairies. It smells more like the bubblegum cotton candy lollipop section of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  More accurately, like Bazooka Joe with a very faint cherry-strawberry cough syrup undertone.

I didn’t like it when I was in the store. I thought it smelled too artificial. But it also smelled very familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it is at the time.

Lush and Summer: Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Fairy Dust collected in the cap.
When I got home to try it, E identified the scent as ice scramble. No wonder it’s familiar. I used to eat ice scramble everyday after class in gradeschool..
Lush and Summer: Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Smells of candy floss and pear drops to transport you
back to childhood.
Lush and Summer: Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Lush shower gels can be used both on the hair and body. I particularly love using this for my hair. The scent lasts longer on the hair than on the skin. It does a great job in keeping my hair from smelling like summer sweat.

The blue glitters that are supposedly fairy dust washes off so don’t worry about your hair looking Edward Cullen-y.

Lush and Summer: Snow Fairy Shower Gel

As with most Lush shower gels, Snow Fairy doesn’t really give any special skin benefit.. It’s just a basic foamy cleanser + a fun shower experience.

This is one of those scents that either you really hate or love so if you want to try it, consider buying the smallest bottle first. (Php 275 for the 100ml bottle, got it at 50% off: Php 137.50)

It can be a bit drying so I don’t use it everyday.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. My hair is stiff without conditioner :( Hopefully I can go to ATC this weekend and drop by at Lush ^_^Thanks so much Rae! <3

  2. Yep, you use it like a normal shampoo. I don't use conditioner (but I normally don't use conditioners).Love your new hair cut.

  3. I haven't really tried Lush until now but your posts are like magnets on my head telling I should try it. I think I'll go for this one first, I hope it's available here at Lush ATC and at 50% off too! :D I love sweet or floral scent. Same here! I eat ice scramble even until today but they are social na, they have na stalls :D unlike before kay manong lang ako buy after school. I use to pay for extra powder hihi. Btw, does this work like normal shampoo? do you use conditioner after?

  4. ate rae, that's very kind of you. But I don't have the budget for soaps and body wash anymore coz I have about two year's supply dito. I don't know kung may expiration date ba ang soaps pero I think it's a waste if I don't use them. hehehe.

  5. Hey Romila Marie, aside from dryness, that's also another reason why I don't use it everyday. It's absolutely like candy. Eat too many of it and you'll feel sick :P

    Although I can rotate among different sweet scents everyday.

  6. I love sweet scents but since it's overdrying, it might not be for me. My skin is already too dry even in this heat!

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  7. I loved this when I first tried it! Then I bought the biggest bottle, and got sick of the scent halfway through. Sayang. :(

  8. Aaay.. Thank you so much Ms. Rae! :) sana sale sila para makabili ako ng medyo marami. nag last long po ba sa inyo yung scent?

  9. I love sweets AND sweet smelling stuff. It's weird because any other strong scent gives me headache. I also love shower gels that can be used both on the hair and on the body. It saves time when you're in a hurry. And when you want to relax, you can also really enjoy bathing. How I wish Lush is available in cebu.

  10. Hello Rhia, hindi e :( Pero inform kita once I know of their sale. Ang sure ko lang na sale nila is January (after-holiday sale)

  11. I'm not fond of sweets also Ms. Rae. I watched some of the videos in YouTube and gustong gusto ng iba yung scents at long lasting daw po. Sale po ba sa Lush stores ngayon?

  12. oh we're opposites. i love eating sweets but for perfumes, it isnt one of my favorites. i love musky and citrusy scents but sweet smelling perfumes i generally avoid. it just doesnt fit my personality well and i guess that's one of the factors i consider in choosing my signature smell. i tolerate a little bit hint of vanilla but thats about it for me.

  13. Smells like ice scramble, eh? That oughtta smell really good.. just not the kind of scent I'd use though. Feeling ko lalanggamin ako kapag super sweet yung scent ng product na gamit ko eh. :P

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