In the Philippines, it’s technically summer all-year round so while the monsoon season has already started, please indulge me with this installment of the Lush and Summer series.

I bought my first Lush product, Honey I Washed The Kids (HIWTK) soap, last year and I really liked it. Being new to Lush, I didn’t know that some bar soaps have a shower gel counterpart. Fannie of Blush Me Pretty suggested that I try It’s Raining Men shower gel because it’s the same scent as HIWTK.

I find Lush’s shower gels expensive so I always wait for their 50%-off sale after Christmas. The regular price of the 110g bottle, the smallest size, is Php 375.

If you love the smell of honey, caramel, and toffee — try this out. The scent is not the same as HIWTKs soap but they’re very very similar. The latter is more honey and caramel dominant. It’s Raining Men smells like honey but I can smell more of toffee. It also has a bit of floral scent and a little of rhum. It reminds me of Goldilock’s Choco Rhumble — this one I guess I can call Honey Rhumble.

I like this so much as a shampoo. I feel like I’m a walking beehive whenever I wash my hair with this — the scent really sticks. The smell doesn’t last as long on the skin though, but still, it makes a good head-to-toe wash.

Has actual honey in it.
It's Raining Men by Lush Review
A tiny bit diluted.
The shower gel is a cloudy caramel color.

If you find HIWTKs soap too drying for you, I think you’ll have better luck with this one.

This is definitely one of those Lush products I’ll continue to repurchase, but only if it’s on sale.

By the way, even though I bought this during the post-holiday sale, this isn’t a seasonal product. Yaaay!!! Now if only they have a body butter, or a stick perfume to layer this with…


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  1. I am a huge Lush fan – however it's quite pricey here so I also tend to purchase when it's on sale =)

  2. Wow! So yummy smelling naman yan Ms. Rae! :) Na-excite po tuloy ako na mag shop na sa Lush! Hihi. :D Thank you for this great review!

  3. Seems like it smells really yummy! I recently got introduced to Lush and am loving hteir handmade soaps. I'll be glad to try shower gels too! Do you need a loofah for it or does it easily lather?

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