This is a follow-up to my favorites resolution series.

Relative to what I’ve seen online, I think my blush collection can be considered small. I only have 5 blushes and one of them is a shading blush — in other words, one is technically a contour powder, not a blush.

With blush, I choose 3 as my magic number which means I’ll only allow myself to have 3 blushers at a time: a powder, a liquid or cream-type, and another one for when something cool comes along. Hopefully, by end-of-year, I’ve already reduced this list to 3.

1. Avon Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint – You must be getting bored with this blog coz this product pops up over and over in almost all of my makeup posts. I can easily name it as my favorite. It stays put, doesn’t budge, easy to blend, and inexpensive. Cost: Php 99 (if on sale).

2. Shawill Makeup Blusher in #2 Beach Bronze – First read about this in Julia’s blog, Bless My Bag. Thanks to her my quest of finding a good matte powder blush is temporarily over. From the pan, it could look too shockingly pink. From the name, you would think it has a brown tint to it. But on the face, it looks like the kind of flush you would get when you get a tan and little bit of burn. When I put this on, I seem to look tanner (hence the name?). I think I’m one of those people who look good tanner so I love this. Cost: Php 99, available at most Watsons stores.

3. Etude House Face Color Corset in #5 Tight Shading – Inexpensive matte contour powders are so hard to come by so when I saw this at Etude House, I bought it right away. I like that it doesn’t look too orange, it doesn’t have any shimmer, and it’s a shade darker than the color I turn to in the summer. This is my savior. I’m currently going through several BB cream samples and they all turn out ashy on my skin. I place this on the perimeters of my face and it helps make me look a little less geisha. Cost: Php 248.

4. Ever Bilena Evera Lip and Cheek Tint – When I saw this on an officemate, I thought she just came back from a beach trip. When I asked her where she went, she told me she was just wearing a cheek stain. I immediately assumed it was Avon’s cheek tint but she told me she’s wearing Ever Bilena. Come Christmas, she gifted me with a tube (Thanks M!).

Before finding out about Evera, nothing else came close to mimicking the perfect almost sunburnt color on my cheeks — nothing but Avon Simply Pretty. Evera is a very close dupe to the latter. It gives me the same natural flush but it’s a little less plummy. I still think Avon looks better on me but I don’t know any Avon lady at the moment and Avon stores are too far away from my place. At least now, when I run out of Avon, I have another option with Ever Bilena. Cost: This was given to me as a gift. I currently don’t know how much it costs.

5. ELF Beauty-on-The-Go Palette – For this post, I’ll only be talking about the blush that goes with the palette which is another good plummy blush. It has shimmer so I don’t use it too often. I think this would be perfect for an evening event with a nude lip. It’s very pigmented but it starts to fade by the 3rd hour. I recently found out that the palette costs less than 300 php and for that amount of money this is a good palette to practice with.

Looking at the swatches, I noticed that all my blushes are the same shade :P

I’ll probably be ending up with 2 plummy shades and for a change, one very pink or orange blush. If you want to know more about my favorites project, click here.


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  1. They still have a booth in SM Mega… :)

    Yes, tapos ewan baka weird lang ako, pero may days na di bagay sakin yung blushes… Maybe sa damit na suot ko pero di ko talaga gets.

  2. Samantha Justine Zamora Reply

    I think I like Ever Bilena… it looks like a natural blush… :P

  3. The blushes that I am using right now are Maybelline Mineral Powder Blush, Blush Ons from Clinique Make Up Palette and Ever Bilena. :)

    I've been looking for a matte bronzer which I can use for contouring but I have uet to find one. :/

  4. Hahaha, any suggestions?

    You might find something you like from the Face Corsets, they have 6 shades. The first 2, I think, are highlighters, the second 2 are blushers, and the last 2 are shaders.

  5. Huong Lan Lee Reply

    The colours look so pretty! :) The shades are very similar but you can tell there's a subtle difference. :)

  6. Wow, the Etude House is interesting and for only 248? Have to try! Will check out their other shades too :)

    And yeah, get plum shades and a red berry shade! Enough with the pinks, Rae! Hihi.

  7. I don't know any good orangey/ peach tints yet. But I've heard benefit, etude house, and majolica majorca has them. Kaso lang, I'm sure they're not as cheap.

  8. I also have an ever bilena lip and cheek tint. I got the one in a tube and it'll be two years in December since I acquired it. Even if I use it a lot, I'm still not half-way through with it but I have to throw it away once it expires. I like it but I'll give Avon's a try too. I like the idea that it's more plummy. I think it's the reason why I don't buy a lot of blushes. The only one I got that I actually use is this peach blush from ELF. If there's one make-up crime that I can't stand, and it also one of the most common out there is, too much blush. I cringe whenever I see somebody with thick blush, so I try to avoid it myself. It's so easy to go wrong with the application. And sometimes it's also the product's fault. So when I got hold of EB's and find that it suits me, I lost interest in trying other products. I'm looking for a good orange/peach cheek tint. Do you know any?

  9. Kittykat Miyaw Reply

    Currently i have tow lip and cheek tints. I will purchase avon's when im halfway done with mine. The swatch looks nice.

  10. Hey Bee! Lucky you. I don't see PAC at SM Dept Store anymore… Yan yung mahirap sa blushes no? Most of the time the color looks a lot different from the pan when put on the cheeks.

  11. I also have 2 blushes only. One is from PAC, it's peachy, which gives me a “i've been to the beach” look. The other is from Revlon which says that it's peach but actually looks pink on me.

    I like that idea about just keeping the favorites. That would save me a lot of money. Haha.

  12. Among my makeup, my blush collection has the smallest number. I guess you don't really need a lot. I soooo suggest that you find the perfect peach blush for you. It just gives the warm, healthy glow on the cheeks! <3

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