Got this sample from a sales conference I had to go to for work. I just kept it in a drawer until 2 weeks ago, when I accounted for all sample sachets, xela packs, and mini-tubes I’ve accumulated over the past months. I have a feeling I’m going to be posting a lot of SOTDs in the coming weeks.

I regret that I didn’t try it sooner. Come to think of it, maybe that was universe’ way of timing things so that I get the chance to test it right smack in the middle of summer.

This deo holds up — from morning ’til night in one of the hottest summers I’ve ever experienced. I expect that from all deodorants sold in a tropical country though. If your deodorant can’t handle the Philippine heat, it should not have been sold here.

Apart from doing what it’s supposed to do, it doesn’t do what it shouldn’t do:

It doesn’t overpower the scent of perfume (because it doesn’t have any scent).

It also didn’t stain my clothes, even the white ones.

But what really makes this deo a cut above the rest is that it doesn’t dry my underarms. Anti-perspirants usually make my armpits dry — not this one.

Since it came in a sachet, I initially thought this was a cream-type deodorant, like Avon Quelch Deodorant Cream. I searched 3 Watsons stores and 4 hypermarkets trying to find a tube-type Godiva deo but they didn’t have anything other than roll-on.

It was only after reading Kikay Exchange’s entry on Ban (which used to be in cream form) that I thought, maybe I was looking for something that didn’t exist. Maybe this is actually a roll-on formula. It’s creamy but seems runny enough to be placed in a roll-on dispenser.

I can’t say much about its ability to lighten underarms since I’ve only used it for a week. But I will purchase a full-sized bottle… after I finish DeoNat.

And before I forget, for those who prefer paraben-free, it is.


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  1. Hope they export the products there (like Splash Corporation, I think many of Splash's products are already available in Jakarta.

  2. Ok din sakin yung Milcu, pero you're right with the sweat and the sweat stains, lalo na if you're wearing colored clothing, it shows talaga.

  3. I have always used Milcu. The problem with it is that it doesn't control sweat, leaving behind embarrassing sweat stains.

  4. i have got to try this.

    i am a tawas girl. i buy them whole and i pound on them! mano mano deodorant. and that's it. But tawas isn't so great after i shave. (shaving is the fastest way now that I have a toddler) i think this one is a good alternative to tawas on days I am shaved. thank you for sharing.

  5. Having the same experience with DeoNat (liquid tawas). I guess I should go ahead and buy this. DeoNat won't cut it for the summer.

  6. I've always been using Avon's Quelch but lately, any scented deo has become irritating to me so I'm back to just using tawas. It still works for me but there are days when I know that I'm going to be sweating a lot and just tawas is not enough so I'm forced to use scented deo again.ugh. I think I'm going to give this one a try. Love the idea that it's paraben free.

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