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A Promise to Explore Local Options

Last month, I stumbled upon an awesome local beauty blog: Beauty on A Shoestring Budget.  If you love using Philippine drugstore products, you should check him out.  His blog might just be the KarlaSugar.net of Philippine makeup brands. I haven’t seen any other local blogger who explores as much Filipino products as he does.

Anyway, around 2 weeks ago, he posted The I Love Philippine Drugstore Makeup Tag which made me realize how little I own of Pinoy products and how much I might be missing out on.

Currently, I’m still on a makeup shopping ban so I’m putting my local makeup exploration project aside and focus on local skin care products.

But so far, I’m only seeing gondolas after gondolas of whitening products and it’s a bit disappointing.

Maybe when I run out of Retin-A (which can happen any moment now), I can finally try an alternative from a local brand.

Until then, pay Beauty on A Shoestring Budget a visit, as well as these blogs that feature many local brand options:

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  1. Thanks for sharing Rae :) Naku, dapat talaga “love your own” Naalis nga din ako sa local brand ngayon. I'm using two lipsticks from a local brand and will share my review soon. Ngayon ko lang masasabi na comparable or much better din ang quality and price ng local brands :)

  2. I loved reading Shoestring on a budget! He's the only “male” make-up blogger I've seen. But then again, I don't frequent make-up blogs that much. I easily get tempted to buy their reviewed products.

    Thanks for sharing, super naaliw ako. :)

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