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Irony is…

If you’re using google reader to subscribe to your favorite websites, you must be searching high and low for a good enough replacement right now.

Google announced that on July 1, 2013, they are going to shut google reader down.  The reason google gave for the decommissioning is: “declining users”.
I decided to move to bloglovin’ because I already have an account with them.  And wouldn’t you know it, they already created an easy way for the move to be more convenient.

All was well until earlier this morning when I logged in to bloglovin and saw this:

“Because of the mass evacuation from Google Reader to Bloglovin, our servers were over capacity last night.”
Irony is when google reader supposedly has declining users and the websites you move to are crashing one by one.
I hope bloglovin’ adds more servers. I’m too p*****d to move somewhere else again.

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  1. Yun yung hindi ko sure, pero yung blog nila na blogsofnote.blogspot.com, wala nang 'feeds' since 2012. The only way to get updates from them is through Google+

    I have a feeling they will retire google friend connect.

  2. The announcement that google is killing reader caught me by surprise. I think a lot of netizens are rallying for google to keep it and I hope they succeed!

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