I’m one of those people who use only one bag for work every single day.  That’s why I find it really hard to buy an office bag.  It has to be everything: big enough, versatile, and functional.

This time though, it didn’t take me long.  There’s been an influx of japanese shops lately, and I know them to have just the bag I was looking for.

I was planning on checking out Beabi, Muji, and Uni Qlo. But before I had the chance to look around at the 2 latter shops, I saw the Beabi Durnham Office Bag… and it was love at first sight.

It’s a big canvas bag with lots of pockets and a handle drop that is just right.  One of the pockets at the front had a cellphone and pen compartment for easy access.

It also has a little side pocket that I find really nifty.  I put either an umbrella or a water bottle in there and since it’s outside, I don’t get my other stuff wet.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that it has a padded laptop compartment too.

And more pockets inside that can fit an external hard drive and a laptop charger.

And my favorite feature of this bag is the removable compartment where I can put pens, a small notepad, and paper documents (where they’ll be kept flat!)

The best part is it only cost me Php 1,295 which I believe is pretty cheap for a laptop bag. Hopefully, this lasts me years.

Size: 61cm x 33.8cm x 12.3cm
Beabi is available here.


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  1. It looks very functional and sturdy naman Rae :) I agree, ako din isang bag lang pangoffice. nakakatamad kasi magpapalit palit ng bags haha

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