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My Glamourbox Experience

That moment when you’re pretty sure it’s NOT the wisest thing to do, but you do it anyway just so you can find out for yourself (that it is, indeed, not wise).

That sums up my Glamourbox Experience.

I used a lot of my EQ-credits in keeping myself from getting the BDJ and Salad Boxes only to get suckered into a Glamourbox subscription. Gah.

After 2 boxes however, I cancelled the subscription.

It’s not because I got crappy boxes. I actually got good stuff — and if I compute for the total cost of the products I received as they are sold on the market, I know I got waaay more than what I paid for. The products came from reputable brands too (e.g., Kanebo, Skin Food, Neutrogena, VMV, Obagi, Shiseido, Benefit, etc.)

Not taking into consideration meeting every subscriber’s needs in needle point precision, I’d say there’s not one lame item in the boxes.

Getting a glamourbox is much like getting a pool of holiday gifts and not finding anything that you’re absolutely sure is trash can material.

But, like holiday gifts, you’ll eventually notice that you are actually only using a fourth of the stuff you received — despite your initial assessment of finding everything wooooaaaahhhhh-this-is-awesome-I’m-definitely-gonna-use-this.

Never again.

I hope.

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  1. I don't know why but I can't seem to 'unsubscribe'. I know it's not practical but I just LOVE trying something new. Don't get me wrong, I don't like extra clutters. I am not a hoarder. Haha! I try to finish off all the products I have but there's this 'happiness' I get when I use something new. Haha!

  2. Whenever I would see blog posts about box subscription from the foreign blogs I follow, I'd end up wishing we have something like that here in PH. Then subscription boxes started coming one after the other and hindi naman ako nagpurchase. Hahaha! I prefer Sample Room. You get to choose lang, which you want. :)

  3. I'm almost tempted to get a subscription. But every time I try to organize my stuff and realize how little space I have left on my locker and drawer and how it's just filled with stuff that I'm not even using, I remember why I've stopped hoarding.

  4. I've been controlling myself in getting one of those boxes too. It's so easy to let go and just ride the bandwagon, but I always find myself asking who am I kidding, I'll just be tossing all those products inside a cabinet and forget about them. I don't even use most of the products I 'actually' buy.

  5. I've always been curious about subscription boxes but what's keeping me from taking the plunge is that I don't want to add to the clutter in my home. I've just begun to use up products that are more than a year old and I really want a clean dresser before adding new stuff… hay…

  6. I wanted the Feb BDJbox, that was the only “worth it” box I've seen so far. Lahat laging kulang. :/ I find Sampleroom's shipping fee mahal! Haha I can't bother to use my points kung ganun lang din shipping fee.

  7. That moment when you're pretty sure it's NOT the wisest thing to do, but you do it anyway just so you can find out for yourself (that it is, indeed, not wise).

    I could totally relate to the feeling. :D

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