Earlier in 2012, I quit buying nail polish.

Nail polish is just too easy to hoard. Since it’s small, buying one won’t seem like a big addition to the pile. But after a while, the “ones” form a mountain.

I quit buying nail polish when I noticed that I don’t finish any of them, and when a nail polish gets tacky, I throw it away. I didn’t feel good about buying stuff only for them to go in the trash… and everything we buy DO eventually go in the trash.

The Face Shop Nail Polish in PP402
The Face Shop Nail Polish in PP402

By mid-2012, I went back to working in the corporate world, and I blame daily commute to be the reason why at least one of my fingernails always catches dirt.

The Faceshop Nail Polish PP402
The Faceshop Nail Polish PP402

I’m not advocating keeping fingernails dirty. But putting nail polish is good assurance that when you’re having an extra busy day, and you don’t have the time to check on your nails, you’re sure no one will see if they’re dirty.

Swatch: The FaceShop Nail Polish in PP402
Swatch: The FaceShop Nail Polish in PP402

To make sure I don’t go back to my old nail polish hoarding habit, I gave myself a nail polish rule:

3 bottles at a time.

For most of 2012, I was able to keep it to 2 bottles: a nude one by Cutex and a nude pink one with lilac tones by The Faceshop. In December, I bought my 3rd bottle, Color Trends, it’s a pretty bold red color but the nail polish formulation was bad. It got tacky after 2 uses and it wasn’t salvageable by thinners.

Cutex is already half of the way through and The Faceshop is two-thirds empty.

Since I can only own 3 bottles at a time, I made sure I buy colors that are versatile and favorite-able.

That inspired my 2013 resolution:

To hold on only to my favorite things.

(All else, disposed)

The thing with favorites is you can’t have a lot of them. I don’t believe I can say I have 20 favorite blushers. There’s bound to be only one or two that I’ll use all the time.  The room for favorites is small. Only a few can fit in. That’s how I will qualify my favorites.

In the next few days, I might be posting “before” photos of what I currently have a la Beauty Reductionista’s beauty product inventory posts. Hopefully, the “after” photos by the end of 2013 will be evident of a huge improvement in my quest to simplify.

I’m pretty excited ending up with all that’s left being my favorites. That would be awesome.


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: scatterbraintures@gmail.com | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. i love this! sorry, i just read this now. i totally agree, there's not enough room for 20 favorites, so 2 -3 should do. I think I better apply that to all my “anik-anik”

  2. Hi Rae, this is actually a really good rule, having only 3 bottles at a time! I'm actually guilty myself of hoarding nail polish–because you're right they are absolutely EASY to hoard! :S I can't help it sometimes.

    But the truth is, 95% of the time, I don't even use polish! Haha. Maybe I should follow your rule too, when I do finish with the bottles I already have (I really should start using them).

  3. You're right in keeping just the favorite-able ones. I do that with make-up. I feel bad whenever I buy things that I wanna TRY then end up not getting used. So now, I just stick with my favorites. I just try (so hard) to avoid beauty counters so as not to be tempted. Mahina ang EQ ko sa pagcontrol pagbili eh! Hahaha!

  4. No date yet. :) We've been engaged a while back, we just decided to get a ring :P

  5. Oy, you got engaged? I can't remember if I congratulated you yet … everyday is like groundhog day with a baby, hehe. Congrats to you and E! Have you set a date yet? Sana maka-attend ako ;-)

  6. Liz (Beauty Reductionista) Reply

    Thanks for the shout-out, and I agree re: nail polish. That stuff leads to madness! I haven't worn nail polish in about 2-3 months and really had me looking twice at my gigantic stash. Really regret having hoarded so much for so long, but it's difficult to make your way out of the buying frenzy.

    Good luck to you! I hope to do the same shortly.

  7. I'm still starting to be a nail polish person, and I admit, I'm overwhelmed with the colors and different finish! I guess I should keep your resolution in mind.

  8. You know what… I like your resolution!
    “To hold on only to my favorite things.
    (All else, disposed)”
    Would like to add this to my list, too. :-)

  9. Regine Karpel Reply

    Love that color!

  10. You know, I think I'll try and follow your 2013 resolution. I tend to go overboard with buying beauty products that I end up not using most of them.. >.< As for nail polishes, I only own 3 -- a bright pink and 2 nude shades.. haha :D I don't think I'm ready for a bold red one.

  11. No, not yet. That was taken before I lost the ring. :(

    But I already bought a replacement.

  12. I haven't really thought about nail polish hoarding. I cant seem to apply nail polish evenly on my right finger so I do have it done at the salon or I just clean them up. However this year I am on the quest to save more so I'm trying to have everything done DIY. Thanks for the tips, you can never go wrong with neutrals.

    BTW, congrats on your engagement. lovely ring :)

  13. Pretty/Ugly Reply

    That's my nail polish rule too. 3 colors. Black, red and nude. My hoarding days are long gone na rin. Yay to minimalism. :)

  14. It's your engagement ring! Glad to see you found it :)

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