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Easiest to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

Rae: Hey, which one’s better of the 2 photos–the one at the top or at the bottom?

E: The bottom.

Rae: Why?

E: I don’t know, it just looks better.

No nude liner on the inner rim
No nude liner on the inner rim
Nude liner on the inner rim
Nude liner on the inner rim

(Hmmm… Maybe that’s what they meant by no-makeup makeup look)

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  1. Oh! This is the first time I've heard of nude liners. Why didn't I thought of that? This is just what my eyes need. Now where are those nude liners?

  2. Eureka! Oo nga noh. So that's how it works. Subtle yet effective make-up.

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  3. clever! I have to look back and forth for the difference. heh. It looks so natural. :)

    thanks for dropping by at my blog sis. <3

    Leah @ curiousweekends

  4. I love nude liner. I love the subtlety of the no makeup look myself. It's an art that requires a lot of restraint!

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog :D

  5. @Popblush, haha, I have concealer on both photos :P

    @PrettyUgly, indeed they ARE clueless! One time, E said: “I know you're wearing makeup!”

    @Rainy Days, it does, subtly and amazingly.

    @Sharina, I can't remember if anyone did this in HS:P Girls in my highschool use papel de japon for their lips though :D

    @Aya, yep! It's just hard to find something cheap but lasting.

  6. Ive been doing this trick ever since Highschool – way before I knew how to put on / like / love makeup! :) It really opens up the eyes :)

  7. Wow, that really does make a difference! Before I read the caption below, I was trying really hard to find out what was different. I thought it was that you put concealer under your eyes! haha

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