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Makeup Magic Trick

Rae: Hey, which one’s better of the 2 photos–the one at the top or at the bottom?

E: The bottom.

Rae: Why?

E: I don’t know, it just looks better.

No nude liner on the inner rims

With nude liner in the inner rims.

(Hmmm… Maybe that’s what they meant by no-makeup makeup look)

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  1. Oh! This is the first time I've heard of nude liners. Why didn't I thought of that? This is just what my eyes need. Now where are those nude liners?


  2. @Popblush, haha, I have concealer on both photos :P

    @PrettyUgly, indeed they ARE clueless! One time, E said: “I know you're wearing makeup!”

    @Rainy Days, it does, subtly and amazingly.

    @Sharina, I can't remember if anyone did this in HS:P Girls in my highschool use papel de japon for their lips though :D

    @Aya, yep! It's just hard to find something cheap but lasting.

  3. Wow, that really does make a difference! Before I read the caption below, I was trying really hard to find out what was different. I thought it was that you put concealer under your eyes! haha

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