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Closed: Starbucks 2013 Planner Giveaway

Here’s to hoping that someone still needs a 2013 planner and hasn’t gotten one yet.

E and I frequently date at coffee shops and we were able to fill out a few sticker cards from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. We gave some of the planners to friends…and for this last one, E said: let’s give it away through your blog (pamigay na natin sa blog mo).

Since it’s almost mid-January, I’ll be picking out the winner on Thursday and I’ll be shipping it the day after the winner replies. Please respond within 48 hours, else I’ll be choosing another winner.

Here are the requirements to join the giveaway:

  1. Have a shipping address in the Philippines.
  2. Leave your twitter name or email address in the comments section so I can contact you if you win. I’ll be reaching you via @scatterb_rae_n or rae@scatterbraintures*dot*com.
  3. Answer this question: In a year, what’s longest you’ve gone before quitting your planner?

That’s it!

PS. I haven’t really checked the contents of this planner yet. Everything is still intact–freebies and all.

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  1. silly me, I forgot to include my details (echos stuff I usually forgets) hehe

    Email: jaja@beautycolada.com
    Twitter: @JajaFerreria

  2. When I was still single, I cant commit to my planner. I usually use it for important dates or for events. However, when I became a full time working mom, I've relied on my planner EVERYDAY. It keeps me organized and helps me to remember stuff I usually tend to forget such as vaccination dates, follow up check ups, and stuff alike.

  3. I always use my planners until the end of the year. I'm very OC when it comes to schedules- well, I have to. Vaccines, check ups and meetings cannot be missed. ;) If the planner has an area for future plans, I also use that since some vaccine boosters are scheduled in the following year.



  4. *i do my planner every day up to last dec 31 because its my birthday so it needed to have an entry*

  5. I never quit my planner not until this year, I havent bought one. I do my planner everyday up to last dec 31 so it needed to have an entry. Im used to looking at planner for my schedule.

  6. I usually just use a planner for a month. Haha. But this year will be a busy one for me and I still have yet to get a 2013 planner. Maybe because I'll win this! (fingers crossed!)charisse_yungco@yahoo.com

    Happy New Year Rae!

  7. 365 days… from kids schedule to what to cook, what to buy, wish list, book list and special occasion. all in the planner. i enjoyed writing it down with colored pens.

  8. I dont know why I didnt acquire a planner this year, not yet, but basically I use it for very important appointments only, payables, and then to document my spending versus savings. I use it for the whole year, probably not everyday but the whole year :)

    Cristiane Zubiaga
    email: cintamuni@gmail.com

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