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Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33: Confessions of A Beauty Junkie on Rehab

Yesterday afternoon, as I was having my usual solitary coffee break*, I read Martha’s blog post on Avon’s most talked about wrinkle cream that’s coming to the Philippines.

Avon Anew

The post made my heart skip a beat and brought back that all too familiar feeling of I WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT WRINKLE CREAM… NOW!  It’s like Lancome Genifique all over again.

Ever since I’ve grown several fine lines under my eyes, any product with the words “anti-aging” or “wrinkle cream” grabs my attention — even when I already know that there are probably only 2 anti-aging products that make a significant difference: sunblock and tretinoin.

I gave the post a once-over paying particular attention to where it would say, “this product costs Php ….” like I was already decided I would buy it.

But along with Php 1,999.00, several phrases also caught my attention:

“…a clinically-engineered molecule
that promises to improve the appearance of fine lines on the skin by 50%”
“7 DAYS: The look of fine lines begin to fade”
“…up to 50% overall improvement in the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles”

“***Based on a consumer perception study.

Results not comparable to cosmetic procedures”
— from press release

I think I’m reading a little too much of my beauty-spending suppressor, The Beauty Brains, coz I’m sure I won’t miss those qualifiers. Just 2 weeks ago I read an article from them about what it means when a product says “Reduces the Appearance of”.

Avon Anew

Apparently, according to the article, if a product can actually change the physical structure of the skin, it would make that product a drug. If a product is not a drug, they have to add words like “improve the appearance” or “change the look” otherwise, the company might get sued. I’m pretty sure this face cream is not a drug.

So there. That’s one less slip-up for me. But that didn’t mean I wouldn’t sign up for a chance to get a free 28-day VIP trial:

Avon Anew

I’m pathetic.

* Solitary Coffee Break aka ‘Me Time’: Pag-inom ng murang kape sa tahimik na lugar habang nagbabasa ng blogs sa internet.

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  1. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

  2. Every time I visit your blog, I always learn something really useful. First, thanks for sharing beautybrains.com. I just browsed quickly over their website and there's so much stuff to learn!

    Also, I've relatively just started being conscious about my aging skin so I don't know much about anti-aging products yet. I've always wondered why there's sooo many anti-aging products in the market and people who use them still looks…well.. old.

    I'm probably lucky because my face structure makes me look younger than my age (mid 20s) but my skin isn't that good and once wrinkles start showing, then my real age will start showing too..

    I wonder.. does taking vitamin E help in delaying aging?

    Thanks for informing us about the VIP trial! I signed up too!


  3. Hmmm… wrinkles bring character to the face. Of Men.

    When men get it early, they tend to look sexier and wiser. But women are just perceived old unless they are J.K Rowling which makes their wrinkles 'valid' or even immaterial.

    Besides, it's inconvenient for women to have wrinkles too early. Imagine our concealers creasing heavily due to early eye wrinkles. So, no.

    Wrinkles will come for sure but I'd rather not open my doors too early.

  4. As with most OTC beauty products, the effects are perceived, temporary, or both. I've stopped caring about my skin looong ago, but I still slap on sunscreen whenever I remember :-)

    Next time I order from Paula's Choice (they do half price promos often), I'll request a sample of their anti-ageing serum and send it over for you to try.

  5. Jenny, I think wrinkles bring character to the face… BUT I'd love to delay it as much as possible.

    Jaja, have you also read their free ebook? Very enlightening.

    Pretty/Ugly, I'm already considering botox for the lines starting to form between my brows.

    Abi, I already found it in tretinoin, BUT that cream can make the skin very photosensitive… We can't have it all. :(

  6. If you're pathetic for wanting to get rid of those fine lines, well, we all are. :| I find it hard to choose from the countless beauty products for the reasons that they promise too much and oftentimes, don't deliver.

    Do share if you one day find that wonder-serum for fine lines. I'll be with you in the waiting line! :D

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  7. Ah, marketing people are geniuses. Oh well, we still have Retin A. And Botox. I'll definitely have botox and fillers when I start to look old.

  8. Imho, exaggerated talaga ang ads ng mga beauty products. I'm not against naman ate sa gumagamit ng anti-aging products, but sometimes we just have to accept the ugly truth na “Makailang bottle man tayo ng anti-aging products” e magkakawrinkles at magkakawrinkles din tayo and we should be proud of it di ba? Hehe.. Anyway, thank you for the comment ate, so sweet! I'm glad na may nakakamiss na sa posts ko. Thank you! I'll be back. I just need a new camera. Have a nice day Ate!

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