After doing the lip balm sugar lip scrub experiment, I decided to do the same with a stick type balm but it didn’t turn out as good as when I used the gel type.

So I googled for ‘lip balm alternative uses’ and found out that people put lip balm all over their faces during winter to prevent windburn. We don’t have winter here, but it gave me the idea of using lip balm on my elbows and cuticles.

If it works for chapped lips and for preventing windburn, it must be a good moisturizer-slash-protectant.

For this experiment, I used Alba Bontanica Terra Tints in Bloom.

Re-purposing Series: Lipbalm for Moisturizing Elbows
Alba Botanica TerraTints in Bloom

It has a sheer pink tint that I like–just the right color I need in times when my lips are extra pale and I’m not in the mood for putting a strong color on my lips.

Re-purposing Series: Lipbalm for Moisturizing Elbows
I would’ve preferred using a non-tinted one for this coz I thought my elbows might turn pink, but that was easily solved by applying only a very thin film.Here’s the result:

Re-purposing Series: Lipbalm for Moisturizing Elbows
On the top left photo, you can see that part of my elbow is dry. Lip balm worked very much like how petroleum jelly would (check the top right photo: flakes gone).

I also tried using it to condition my cuticles after removing my nail polish with acetone. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a before photo (please excuse the red nail polish left on my pinkie finger).

Lip balm works on toes too. My toes have a tendency to get those dry white patches that look unsightly when wearing flip flops. Swiping a little bit of lip balm on those areas does the trick.

Experiment Notes/ Tips:

1. The standard lipbalm stick packaging is perfect. It’s portable and easy to apply with.
2. Choose a lipbalm that you’re sure you’re not going to use on your face anymore.
3. Apply just a really tiny film. Applying too much will feel very greasy, and you might spread the grease everywhere (e.g., when you prop your elbow up on a table).
4. If possible, sanitize the lipbalm everyday. I wipe off the top part with a cotton pad sprayed with alcohol.

Do you have any other lipbalm re-purposing ideas? Please share them down below :)


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  1. @Lawrence, happy holidays!

    @Senyth, I hope we use them all up :D

  2. Wow, nice tip! I can put those lip balms I don't enjoy using on my lips to good use. HAHA.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! *hugs*

  3. Cute lip balm! I've actually been searching for a lip balm for my chapped lips! During the winter season, my lips tend to chap up and I pick at them! Ugh! I wish it would stop! They shed a lot too around this time of the year =(
    Do you see why I need a great lip balm?

    Where are you at in the world where you don't have winter!? That sounds fantastic! I'd love to wear flip flops, shorts, and tank tops all year around =) I actually HATE being cold!

    I did NOT know that people put lip balm on their faces. This is one of the reasons why I love the blogging network. You learn so many NEW things. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great Christmas!

  4. Wow, thanks for this Rae! Never thought of ever doing this but seeing the effects on you – wow! :) Def worth a try :)

    Good job!!

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