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Re-purposing Bread Clips: What To Do if Your Notebook Doesn’t Have Dividers

With a cellophane tape, stick bread clips on some of the pages:

Bread clips in action.

I got myself Seattle’s Best’s planner last year. It had 12 calendar pages and the rest are doodle, promo, and sticker pages. It served me more as a notebook than a planner. But that was what I intended it for.

I got the idea when I found myself rummaging through filled out pages and I couldn’t find the information I was looking for.

I like that bread clips come in different colors. I used yellow for action items and notes I take down during meetings, red for work to-do lists, green for personal tasks, and white for personal doodles and blog drafts.

I hope this helps. I noticed that a lot of the 2013 planners that came out didn’t have dividers on them.

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  1. Pretty/Ugly, a received a lot of notebooks/ planners this holiday season. I think I'm set for the next decade as far as notebooks are concerned. :P

    Lawrence, Popblush, Rainy Days, it is! I found a lot of cooler ideas people thought of to reuse bread clips.

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