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I Don’t Want To Lose Weight Fast

I’m losing weight (and size) too sloooooow… and I’m bummed.  I am so tempted to go on a crash diet just so I can motivate myself.  But NO, I won’t.

A lot of weight loss advertisements say “lose weight fast!”  I don’t want to lose weight fast.  Really.  It’s tempting because I know I can fast track my weight loss.

But I’m not after weight loss anymore.

Wait, that’s a lie. I am after weight loss but it’s not my top priority.

There are 2 reasons why I don’t want to lose weight fast:

  • Because it takes time for the skin to snap back.  When I lost 30 lbs. 2 years ago, I didn’t get any saggy skin, including the skin on my arms and tummy.  Genetics could have played a part but I think it was largely because I lost 30 lbs over a course of 8 months–which means, I lost an average of only 1 lb. a week.

    It seems slow but that’s how I prefer it to be.  If you think you don’t look good overweight, you wouldn’t look good if your skin is sagging all over too.

  • Because it takes time to build a habit.  I know I can lose weight fast.  But all ‘fast weight loss’ routines are not sustainable (e.g, you can’t drink slimming coffee forever, you can’t go on a very low calorie diet forever, you can’t eat vegetable salad everyday all day for the rest of your life.)

    Healthy habits built from not taking short cuts are worth the agonizingly slow weight loss.  These habits should be embedded in your day that it’s almost involuntary.

    I think that you have to have a lifestyle that will sustain a healthy weight level. Else, how will you be able to maintain the weight loss from taking diet pills, starving, or drinking cups of slimming tea or coffee?

As Paolo Coelho said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

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  1. Hay! I'm tempted to go for the lose-weight-fast diets/programs. Lumobo ako with my second pregnancy! Pero sayang naman ang tinuro sa atin sa Project Fit and Toned kung ganun gagawin ko, kaya pipilitin ko rin ang healthy weight loss.

  2. well, can't really help on that. lol…
    But you were right, losing weight slowly will give sometime to your skin to cope-up with the lose extra pounds.

  3. Love this entry; it's so smart and motivating. Reminds me of this one at A Beautiful Mess: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/10/emmas-fitness-story.html Yay for losing weight at your own pace!

  4. Hello, nothing beats losing weight the normal way. I tried losing weight din through slimming coffee and all the diet something in the market pero may rebound talaga. Hope we'll succeed in our losing weight adventure :)

  5. Hello, hello! Just checkin on you. I hope to get updates from you soon via Scatterbraintures. I hope you are well.

  6. Yep! The healthiest way to lose weight is the tried-and-tested balanced diet and the right amount exercise. I tried crash diets before and hours and hours of cardio. That worked for a few months but I couldn't sustain it. Now, I do around an hour of exercise a a day, with cardio and weight training mixed in. I also try my very best to eat healthy food. Slowly but surely, I know I'll reach my ideal weight.

    In the end, it isn't really about losing weight, but about living a healthy lifestyle. :)

  7. Hi Rae! I agree with you on this. I've tried weight loss both ways — the short- and the long-cut (which is the “proper-cut”) — it always pays off to do things THE RIGHT WAY, especially if one's never tapped into the medical field. If I weren't a PT, I would've abused slimming pills and all other weight loss prods. I'll pretty much sulk in the end because of regaining the old fats back and maybe getting em doubled pa.

    (Thanks for your sweet comment! Glad you liked the new lay-out!)

  8. even I want to– I cant lose weight much.. i need nutrients for my nursling =)
    i'm with you– saggy skin is a no no =?we tend to age fast if we starvetruely

  9. Yeah me too, I don't want to lose weight that fast bec. I know I can gain it back twice as fast too. I have experienced that and now I am doing walking everyday or swim just to keep myself active.

  10. Agree! It's a disaster when I see people bragging about how much weight they've lost while looking like they've gone to Iraq and back due to how much they've aged!

  11. I agree.  There really are no shortcuts when loosing weight.  I'm trying to loose a couple of pounds myself after having the Little One.  =)

  12. @Kim Reyes, I feel uncomfortable seeing biggest loser winners nga.  Most of them are so saggy. They lost the weight too fast.  But they have doctors there so I don't know.

  13. Still struggling to lose weight! So far, 2 lbs pa lang na-lose ko. Medyo frustrating since parang ang bagal. But like you, I don't want to lose weight fast. Ayaw ko mag-sag eh.

  14. @feline13, I agree. I read somewhere that your calorie deficit should not go past a certain number. Otherwise, your body will go through a starvation phase–and you'll store even more fat.

  15. definitely agree with you sis!
    in fact, i would like to share this post :


    1lb a week is a healthy weight loss goal since a pound of fat = 3,500 cals.
    if  have a deficit of 500 cals sa day (say, 250 sa food and 250 sa exercise), that would be the best way to do it :D

    Thanks for sharing sis!

  16. I know, one can never lose weight that fast unless you go fasting. As in.. totally eating and drinking nothing to death. Duh! There are some girls who do that. I cringe when I see them post their photos with ribs showing. For us, healthy dieting is the best. You can still lose weight without depriving yourself your daily food intake! :D

  17. Take it easy.  It could be that time of the month. :) I'm sure you'll be rid of the excess lbs in no time without having to resort to drastic measures. I'm guilty of crash dieting (heck, I do it 70% of the time) and it's not a very pleasant experience. 

  18. don't feel bad about gaining weight. i think it's best to eat healthy food and just drink tea because it helps digest our food intake. ^_^

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