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De-stashing Project: The First 7 Makeup Items Out of the Bag

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Yey! I think I’m almost done with Phase 1 of my De-stashing Project.

Here are the first 7 makeup stuff I took out of the bag:

1 – James Cooper Jazzy Collection Cream Compact Foundation in CF-03
I use this more as a concealer than a foundation. I seldom put on a full face of foundation and often just put on concealer on my dark circles and blemishes to make my skin look more even-toned. 

2 – Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow in Amber
This is the only eyeshadow I own if I don’t count in2it’s eyebrow palette. I use this to foil my eyeshadow at times when I want to look like I did a lot of effort doing my makeup. 

3 – Ever Bilena Waterproof Mascara
Don’t you just love it when you find something good and cheap? This mascara is both. I don’t use the brush that much because I’m not skilled enough for that. What I do is transfer the mascara on a lash comb before I apply it on my lashes. And guess what, no clumps!

4 – Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in No. 5 (Light Gray)
I recommend this for people like me who are incapable of doing short light strokes. If you’re heavy-handed like me, this is for you.

5 – In2It Eyebrow Kit
I bought this when I was looking for a waterproof, matte, neutral eyeshadow palette to practice on. It’s either I don’t know where to look or there’s a shimmer craze going on. I found this and bought it as soon as I saw it. It does a good job filling in the eyebrows. As an eyeshadow, it’s a little difficult to blend but it’s workable.

6 – Alba Botanica Terra Tints in Bloom
I’m not much of a makeup person and this is 1 of the 4 lip products I have. It’s a basic lip balm that gives a subtle pink tint on the lips.

7 – Shiseido SPF 36 Sun Stick in Ochre
My face is an oil mine. Because of that, I prefer multi-purpose products. I love this because it has one of the highest SPFs I’ve seen in a foundation and it functions well as a face base.

I might be able to wrap up Phase 1 before the end of my deadline (2 months). This is exciting because I can start earlier with Phase 2 — de-stashing makeup tools, accessories, and clothes.

Originally posted on March 3, 2012. Click this >>> if you want to know the first 9 skin care products I took out of the de-stash bag.

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  1. I do remember having read this on your blog a few months back. I thought I was having a deja vu. :) I've always wanted to get that Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil especially now that I decided not to color my hair anymore, but it's always out of stock!

  2. This is totally unrelated to de-stashing, but I was wondering if you have recommendations for red lipstick brands and shades that would complement asian skin. Been dreaming of wearing red lipstick like Taylor Swift haha.

  3. Ive never heard of the EB mousse eyeshadow but seeing as it's a staple in Filipinas' beauty kits – matry nga!! :)
    Love your makeup bag products! Very on-the-go! :)

    New follower hereee!!

  4. Good job Rae! I agree In2it Eyebrow kit is a cult favorite and has been a staple on my kikay kit too :)

    ~Jaja of Beauty Colada
    ♥Join my Christmas giveaway HERE

  5. Hindi rin pala ako tunay na Filipina kasi wala pa ko ng ever bilena mousse. Haha 50 % of the said products are on my wishlist. Grabe inaamag na sila don. haha Kelan ba ko makakabili ng in2it brow powder. I love EB products too, jan ako nagstart :) If ever you will give them away, ehem ehem, I am willing to adopt them! nyhahaha. Have a nice day! Cool project anyway! – Pretty Thrifty

  6. you are doing such a good job rae! hahaha! :) after you finish your project i'll probably try to de-stash too because i'll get inspired by your posts. ;)

  7. Pammy, if ever, I'll give them away, for free, kasi gamit na. Yung “stuff that needs to go” entry,I'm giving them away . :p
    Na-p-pressure na talaga akong i-review yung sun stick. When Argie and I met, she asked me about it too.

  8. Rae, I thought your were putting them up for sale, I was looking for the prices. Haha! That Shiseido stick foundie is really interesting since I read your mini review on GT. :)

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