The Revlon Balm Stains are all the rage these days. But the one thing that most people gripe about it is how tricky it is to apply once the tip goes from looking like this–

To this–

If you own one of the lighter shades like Honey, I don’t think it will be that difficult to put on. With the nude-ish ones the edge of my lips won’t be as obvious.

But since I also own a strong-colored balm stain (Crush), I found difficult to make the edges of my lips look sharp and neat-looking when the tip became blunt.

By accident, I discovered a way to keep the tip sharp. Not really–it’s more like: how to keep the balm stain from getting blunt.

Last week, when I did my friend’s makeup for halloween, I needed something that will look like drying-up blood and human tissue and thought that Crush is the perfect color for it. I scraped some and placed it on my friend’s face to resemble tiny chunks of bloody human tissue.

While I was tidying up my makeup stuff, I saw that the tip of my balm stain was now shaped something like this:

Revlon Just Kissable Balm Stain in Crush

It resembles the tip of a lipstick. It has become so much easier to use after the tip became shaped like that. I wanted to ‘sharpen’ my other balm the same way, but that will be a waste of product. So I’ve been using it only on one side in the hopes that the tip will eventually become lipstick-looking.

Here’s my progresswith Honey:

I hope this helps.


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  1. herroyalbleakness Reply

    How cool is that? There's a way around that problem pala, glad you shared!

  2. Sis, please do check my question tag for you together with the liebster award. Thanks. check it out here :

  3. The Purple Doll Reply

    Kakahiya, I still don't own a Revlon Balm Stain.. And I've been planning to buy one ever since I've first heard of it! Anyway, thanks for this nifty trick ;)

  4. Go! :) Don't know if she still offers the free service. E-mail her na.

    Too bad it didn't last, you must have the lighter ones, they don't last as long.

    Bee! Ang kikay na natin. :p

  5. I tried using this but it didn't really last long for me. :(

    Nice nga ng layout! Parang gusto ko na din ipa-lizziefy ang blog ko. :)

  6. BelatedBloomer Reply

    That's what I do with my lipsticks…slide them on at an angle para laging matulis. Haha!


  7. I like using them. I'll make a road test review of them soon.

  8. Wow. O nga you have a new layout! And it's super cute!

    Anyway, the classic lipstick shape is always the best! I'm still thinking about buying a balm stain. What can you say about them?

  9. Thanks! Lizzie of designed the template.

    You should check out her blog too. She made girly downloadable buttons you can use to girlsify your blog :)

  10. Nice idea sis. I would not do the same thing kasi masasayang talaga yung llip stain e ang mahal pa naman nyan. hehe Anyway, ganda ng blog mo sis. Bet ko ang layout super cute!
    Pretty Thrifty

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