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Re-purposing Series: The Lipbalm Scrub Experiment

Of the 5 lipbalms I own, excluding the Revlon balm stains, I can remember buying only one of them.

I am pretty sure the other 4 were given to me. I guess lip balms are the coffee mugs of cosmetics.

I saw Michelle of Lab Muffin do this (click her link) and thought of trying it out on a Nivea Pinkish Boost Lipbalm.

I’ve only used this lip balm twice. It tastes somewhat like soap which is what I like about it because I don’t end up eating it. Most other lip balms taste like food and I tend to lick them off my lips.

I suppose I’m just not a lip balm person. I never got to use the nivea and all my other lip balms, as much.

Here’s my lip balm scrub experiment:

Re-purposing Series: The Lipbalm Scrub Experiment

Aside from my toothbrush, I’ve never used any other lip exfoliator before, and I wouldn’t know which other product to compare this with.

But against a toothbrush, I like the lip balm scrub better.

A toothbrush can be harsh, and with toothpaste, it can sometimes dry out my lips.

This works great. The balm softens the skin making it easier for the sugar bits to slough off dead skin cells.

After scrubbing, I wash off the sugar, but keep the residual balm on my lips for added ‘conditioning.’

Quick Tips:
I used enough lip balm to dissolve the amount of sugar I used. If you put too little lip balm or too much sugar, the latter would just fall off your finger.

Leave the concoction (?) on the lips for around a minute before scrubbing to make the skin more ‘sloughable’. And as recommended by Michelle, use circular motions.

If you decide to try this, let me know how it went. :)

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  1. UGH I have the same lip balm and it is TERRIBLE. Horrible color, horrible consistency, horrible taste, horrible everything.

    This looks neater than using olive oil + sugar, so I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Ile, I think it will work great, I use Human Heart Nature sunflower oil to remove my lipstick and I leave it on. I feel like it's why my lips are even-toned these days.

  3. Augh! I had the exact same lipbalm and I already threw it away coz I'm not using it. Smells like sunblock kasi.. And I'm not willing to sacrifice any of the lipbalm that I have right now. I have sunflower oil though from Human Nature. Do you think it'll work as a lipscrub if I mix it with sugar?

  4. this is a great tip especially for travelling or for those on a budget and not really in the mood to fork out money for lip scrubs. thanks for sharing! i think for the effects to be more longwearing, you can opt to take it off with tissue instead of washing it off.

  5. I feel somehow lucky that my lips don't get dry. Wearing braces is uncomfortable enough, specially on the first few months… and to have dry chapped lips along with the discomfort would be horrible.

  6. I use to do the same thing. My llips are usually dry. Specially now na may braces na ako sis. But sugar lip scrub has been my hero. Sometimes oilve oil + sugar solve na. And it may sound like I am torturing my face, pero during my big skin breakout, I used the sugar ony my face to remove the annoying white heads all over may chin, cheek and forehead. It's itchy kasi and super dry, so I try to use the sugar and it works! It helps me to remove those freaking white heads and it really makes my face smooth. Hehe, sarap pag bagong scrub ng lips no?
    Pretty Thrifty

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