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Going Back to Working Out Daily

Here’s to sum up my fitness progress from the last quarter of 2011 until today:

– I gained 30 lbs.
– I left my corporate job.
– Developed the habit of eating right and exercising daily.
– Lost 15 lbs.
– Got a corporate job (again).
– Felt like I didn’t have enough time.
– Made my daily workout into a 3x-a-week workout…
– …which eventurally become 0x-a-week workout;
– …which, for some illogical reason, made me give up eating right.
Ending: Gained 20 lbs.

I don’t think it was getting a corporate job that led to my relapse: I’m pretty sure it was changing my workout schedule from daily to 3x-a-week.

With 3x-a-week, I argued with myself whether today was workout day or I’m-too-tired-from-work-I-deserve-to-do-nothing day. 3x-a-week eventually became 2x… once… until I wasn’t exercising at all.

With daily workouts, I didn’t have an excuse. I couldn’t postpone working out because there was no other day to postpone it to because every day is a workout day. It was like brushing teeth: even when you’re too tired, it’s something you CAN’T not do.

As I write this, I got hit with ADD, checked my reader, and got distracted with this article from

Fortunately, the article, The Morning Mile Challenge, was in line with my plans of going back to working out everyday and hopefully getting that daily habit back.

The challenge is that I have to walk first thing in the morning, every day, for 30 days.

Then, I’ll have to log my progress in this spreadsheet.

I happen to dislike walking (and running) as a form of exercise so I’m doing a beginner’s body weight circuit workout instead.

Hopefully, on my next post on this I could say I did well.

Link to Week 1.

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  1. Lately, I am once again hooked on reading fiction. I'm practically devouring books and it's taking a toll on my workout routine. Good thing I have running buddies who tear me away from books from time to time. It's the kind of peer pressure I welcome. This Sunday, we're running again. :-)

  2. That's a good suggestion, but I can't get a workout buddy right now. I'll just have to fast track learning to workout alone. :D

  3. Ohhh.. how about getting workout buddy sis? I did that before. It worked naman. Later on, I learned to workout on my own. Self motivation nalang ang ginawa ko. As of this moment, no gym uli ako since sem break pa at marami din ako inaasikaso. Balik ako sa gym this coming week kasi may pasok na uli.

  4. Thanks Aya, 3x a week would really be enough, but when I do that, I lose the habit. I think daily works best for me.

  5. I think exercising at least 3x a week would be enough for you to see results. You can do it!

    NerdFitness is one of my favorite websites, too!

  6. What enabled me to work out daily before was an air climber. I was able to work out 30-45 minutes, and I think what helped me is that I get to watch TV while doing the exercise.

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