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Daily Workout Experiment

Last week, I blogged about my plans on working out everyday.

Here’s how my first week went. I embedded the videos to some of the exercises in case you want to do them too.

DAY 1, Monday Nov 5:

15 Minutes of P90X KenpoX and Beginner’s Body Weight Circuit

Kenpo X is supposed to be a 1.5-hour workout but I couldn’t sustain it. I lasted only 15 minutes. I didn’t have the stamina required for it yet which is sad, but at the same time, it made me want to workout more.

After Kenpo X, I rested for a few minutes and did one round of the Beginner’s Body Weight Workout.

DAY 2, Tuesday Nov 6:

20 Squats and 5 Jumping Jacks

I worked close to 14 hours on day two. You have no idea how much I wanted to give out the I-have-no-time excuse. 20 squats and 5 jumping jacks might be too easy for some but since I was inactive for the past 4 months, I lost my breath doing it.

DAY 3, Wednesday Nov 7:

30 Rotator Cuffs each arm and 10 Star Jumps (search eHow)

When I was doing Rotator Cuffs, it seemed easy. But I woke up the next day with my muscles all sore.

Star Jumps, on the other hand, are jumps that gymnasts/ cheerleaders do. But I don’t do them as nicely and I my flabs bounce every time I hit the ground. Coach Xhi said it’s better than coffee.

DAY 4 Thursday Nov 8:

Squats, Wall Push-ups, Lunges, Rotator Cuffs (20 each)

I finished all my deliverables for work ahead of time so I had a little bit more time on Day 4. I found the lunges most challenging. Every time I stepped and bent forward I would wobble.

DAY 5 – 7, Friday to Sunday:

Squats and Wall Push-ups (20 each)

I was very sad the last 3 days of the first workout week and I didn’t feel like moving. The 2 things that got me started were:


Blogging made me feel like I had to be accountable.

The Zen Habits article that I read a while back

I couldn’t find the link anymore but it says something like: if you don’t feel like working out, do it still, even for just 5 minutes and you’re done. I did something similar to that. I told myself to do just 5 squats.

Every time I reach the 5th count, I feel like I can do 5 more until I find myself doing 20, plus 20 wall push-ups.

* * *

The first week was a little bit of a letdown after realizing how easy I get tired now. I don’t think I can breeze through a whole 45 minutes of pilates like I do before. But I think it’s a good thing. It’s a good motivator.

57.2 kgs, 126.10 lbs.: weight as of November 10, 2012.

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  1. Kath: Yey, good to hear pwede ka na mag-exercise, hirap pala ng CS, you can't exercise agad.

    Ile: May copyright issue pala yung first video. Anyway, I think it's a good thing, some naturally slim people don't exercise na e. And eventually, kapag nagslowdown na ang metabolism, dun pa lang mag-dedevelop ng habit.

    Cha: Sobrang nakakapagod yung P90x, til now, di pa din ako nakakatapos ng buong video.

    Aya: Thanks for recommending her link. Saya.

    Kim: Maybe you can do light exercises now din. Coach Xhi said it helps daw with easy delivery.

  2. Go, Rae. Let's doh eat! You've tapered your active lifestyle hence the low endurance pero you'll get your feet back on track with exercise in no time if you put your mind (and heart!) into it!

    I'll text you weekly to remind you about your fitness goals :) Kelangan din kasi may other person to share sa accountability sa fitness promises para mas mapressure i-achieve ang goals. Although I know that texting to remind you to exercise is far from being partly accountable, it can help in its own little way.

  3. Good job on getting in some exercise everyday! Just stick with it and soon you'll feel like may kulang if you don't exercise, and you'll also learn to love the soreness that comes the day after.

    If you haven't discovered it yet, I recommend for tons of fitness inspiration and motivation.

  4. wow, P90X! my brother used to do that everyday and he did lose some weight. i don't think i can sustain that kind of workout, i find it too intense. i'm also pushing myself to exercise daily but in an elliptical bike.

    that's why i like this post, it motivates me to exercise more. :)

  5. Some of the videos wont stream. :) pero I'm impressed with your motivation. I need to start working out again na rin. :( although I'm not really watching my weight(actually I'm trying to gain weight), I still need to be more consistent. I like the Zen Habit you talked about.

  6. Rae, will read the whole post later. Sobrang bagal ng connection ko. I can make this post as my motivator din. Tagal ko di nag exercise, almost six months as per ob. Pero ngayon start muna ko sa basic like 20 reps 3 sets sit ups, and squats. Sinasamahan ko din ng butt exercise pero ang hirap. Bilis mapagod :(

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