For 2 years now, I’ve been looking for a flesh-toned eyeliner for the water line. I looked for a cheaper alternative but couldn’t find any so I took the plunge.

This is quite expensive. It’s Php 1,200+ at Rustans ($23/ Php 950+ on the website). But I won a Php 500 coupon from House of Flair, now her we are.

Here it is on the waterline of my right eye:

NARS Rue Bonaparte
NARS Rue Bonaparte on my left waterline (your right).

Here’s a swatch on my wrist:

Road Test: Nars Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte


– It did a great job cancelling out the pink
– Made my eye look bigger, brighter and less tired; and,
– It wasn’t as stark as a white eyeliner would look.

It lasted around 5 to 6 hours (fading started by the 4th hour).

NARS Rue Bonaparte

I think it’s a good product. But I haven’t used it enough to tell if I like it that much to buy again considering how expensive it is without a coupon.

EDIT: Haven’t been using this, I think I’m allergic.


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  1. I hope you find one cheaper than this, I've been looking for one since forever.

  2. CarmisCaprice Reply

    Hi Rae!

    I definitely agree on this: Not as stark as a white eyeliner would look! Would consider using flesh-toned eyeliner, too!

  3. Thanks! That's courtesy of Lizzie (

    Ok, either Shiseido or Estee Lauder Double Wear

  4. herroyalbleakness Reply

    I love Scatterbraintures' new look! :)

    Re: Shiseido sun protect liq foundie shades — you might want to ask for SP40 and 50. SP50 has a hint of pink in it when compared to SP40 (na medyo orange-y naman when i swatched it). Darkest shades are SP60 and 70.

  5. @Ile, I discovered one but it's not available here, the brand is pixibeauty or pixi cosmetics… :(

  6. I was supposed to buy Stila, but when I consulted Pammy, I found out that it melts in our weather.

  7. herroyalbleakness Reply

    I used to have Stila's Kajal liner in Topaz which is a few pesos cheaper than this and looks nice on the waterline. Rue Bonaparte is flesh-er though. Topaz has a hint of pink in it, although subtly, and looks most natural on those with super fair skin.

  8. Hmm.. it looks like I'll be getting this in the long run too, although not anytime soon I suppose because of it's price. But I haven't found a cheaper alternative either. :(

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