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The SaladBox: A Day in The Life of A Beauty Junkie on Rehab

A few entries ago I started an anti-haul series that I so poorly and loathfully named.

The word anti-haul just sounds so hateful and bitter.

Because of that, I’m re-naming the series to A Day in The Life of A Beauty Junkie on Rehab. That way, it sounds more adventuresome and more reflective of my feats and fails as an ex-beauty junkie.

Moving on…

The past days, my RSS reader was flooded with posts about the launch of the first ever subscription box in the Philippines, the SaladBox.

If you don’t know a shizz about subscription boxes, here’s a simplified version of how it works:

First, you (obviously) subscribe to it and pay a fixed amount monthly.

Second, a box of sample-sized beauty and lifestyle (?) products will appear on your doorstep monthly which, in total, is priced more than the monthly subscription fee.

Third and last, if you liked most of the items, good for you, you got your money’s worth. If not, suffer the consequence of trying to use up the products you hate (or make the environment suffer by throwing the stuff away).

The SaladBox to a beauty junkie on rehab is like the smell of cigarette smoke to an ex-chain smoker who hasn’t yet developed an undeterred will to resist temptation.

As of this writing, I haven’t subscribed yet.  My resistance is shaky at best, but I’m still proud of myself for getting this far. However, it’s only been a few days since it launched so, let’s see.

If you’re also fighting the urge to subscribe to the SaladBox, here’s what I did that helped a lot in keeping me from taking the plunge–I watched all the rant videos on subscription boxes on youtube.

So far so good.

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  1. I understand your comment on my Saladbox post now! It's no wonder they call it “lemming” — wanting what everyone else (seems to) have. I like your idea of going back to basics/de-stashing. I don't have a large makeup/skincare stash; there are only 1 or 2 products that I don't use (not counting Saladbox), but I too feel like I have too much stuff. I look forward to reading more about your destashing project!

  2. lol. Thanks for the video. I'm trying to stop myself from subscribing and it really helped. Hihi.

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