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Purederm Nutritive Firming Hydro Pure Gel Mask

purederm nutritive firming hydro pure gel mask
Taken from the Puredem Website

Months ago, I received a package of skin care items from Argie of The Beauty Bin.  One I was particularly excited to try was Purederm Nutritive Firming Hyrdro Gel Mask because I haven’t tried any face mask that comes with an actual mask.

Honestly, I’m not a face mask fan.  But once in a while I do face masks because it’s like going to a spa, or a nail salon–it’s an experience that relieves me of stress and sadness.

Moving on with the review, I’m so glad I didn’t tear off the packaging as soon as I saw it.  Apparently, it’s not advisable to use this on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin.

So, I waited… and waited… and waited.  I always had one or two pimples the past months until finally, I threw caution to the wind and used this 2 weeks ago.

My theory is: this can exacerbate skin inflammation. Hence, the warning.  But how much more inflamed can my pimple get?!

I failed to take photos of the silicone-like gel mask before putting them on my face.  My hands were already wet and slimy. The mask was so slimy that I dropped it.  Good thing it fell on the packaging.

The Experience:

  • The mask was too big for my face so I had to overlap the top and bottom pieces of the mask.  Even then, there was still a little excess mask on my chin and jaw area.  But it’s not much of a big deal for me.
  • This thing falls off.  So if you have errands to do, don’t.  I was going to do some leisure reading on the computer but when I felt the mask slowly falling downwards, I laid down in bed instead and read a book.
  • It’s not tingly or itchy or anything like the manual mud packs I used. It’s literally cool and refreshing.

  • Since it was advised not to use this on pimples, I checked my pimple right after I washed my face. It was still very well and unfortunately alive.  Thankfully, the pimple didn’t get any more inflamed (nor did it multiply) days after
  • True to its claim, it did give a “youthful glow.”  The type of glow that someone would tell you “blooming ka.” Eric did say I looked good, but I didn’t tell him what I did. :D
  • As for the firming part, my skin looked taut and supple afterwards, typical of hydrated skin. But I can’t really say there was significant firming that occurred.

purederm nutritive firming hydro pure gel mask
Taken with a camera phone.  My digi-cam
wasn’t working well 2 weeks ago

Tips and Recommendations:

  • Take out the product on a clean table. The mask is so slimy you might drop it (like I did).
  • Use on pimples at your own risk.
  • I really recommend this to guys. If you’re going out on a date and you want to look refreshed and glowing, try this.  Girls can usually can go around dull skin with makeup but guys can’t.

Will I buy this? Yes, I’ll buy this for E if we have an event to go to (not that he needs it.)
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  1. Yeah, I'm still playing around with the lay-out. The old one is not very flexible but I like it more too.

  2. Rae! New lay-out! :) I kinda like the old one but maybe this'll grow on me, too. :)

    I'm glad this mask didn't add more zits. And ang sosyal naman ni E, haha, he's so lucky to have you.

  3. never that i tried any mask.. as in never.. why? hehe. may katamaran ako sa ganyan so i just used pond's, olay and nivea.. just wash your face and apply the creams and sleep..^^

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