Last week, one of my favorite bloggers, Hanah, wrote about her least favorite skin care products (check out her entry, it’s a good list).

Anyway, the article inspired me to write my own list, not of skin care products, but of skin care practices.

Read on for my list of least preferred skin care practices:

Layering a lot of skin care products

Researching about skin care products taught me that layering:

1. Can make a product less effective. Example: Products work at different PH levels, and layering or mixing a product with another that’s formulated at a different PH, may affect the effectiveness of both on the skin.

2. Increase a product’s side effect. Example: Using different exfoliants (i.e., AHA, BHA, tretinoin, and facial scrub) simultaneously can make the skin drier than it would otherwise have been if we didn’t mix it with something else.

3. Can irritate the skin more. Many ingredients are not compatible with each other and no matter how much research we do, there’s a lot more to chemicals than meets the eye.

When I started trying out skin care products, I wanted to have it all: moisturization, anti-aging, anti-acne, sun protection, skin brightening, anti-oxidants, exfoliation, etc. Now, I realized, skin care is very much like life in the sense that we can’t have it all.

After I de-stashed my skin care and makeup stuff, I listed down all my skin care problems and selected the ones I want fixed the most. From there, I started re-building my skin care routine.

Mixing sunscreen with foundation

I did a DIY tinted moisturizer before and I cringe whenever I remember doing it. It’s already a known fact that we only get a fraction of sun protection from the SPF and PA rating written on the label. Mixing sunscreen with foundation further reduces the sun protection we get.

Now, I use a straight up tinted moisturizer with SPF. I realized that I should stop playing chemist and leave the mixing and experimenting to the pros.

Skin whitening

This is really a matter of preference and I prefer to accept my skin color. It makes my life so much simpler.

In the Philippines, people are obsessed with skin whitening. I noticed that the really effective non-hydroquinone products are NOT made by multi-national and/ or big companies. Most of them came from unknown companies. I’m not bashing on companies that are just starting out, but this is something to think about: if the formulation of and ingredients in these products are safe, why aren’t the big companies doing it?

Aside from hydroquinone, I don’t think there’s a skin care ingredient that is THAT good in significantly whitening the skin. If it’s too good to be true, it probably contains mercury.

Snobbing drugstore skin care products

When I was younger (think: high school), I thought that products are as effective as their price tag.

There are many high-end products that are good, and there are drugstore products that are just as effective, I just have to find which of those cheaper ones are as good.

There you have it — those are my least preferred skin care practices. I’m interested to know what’s in your list: if you have an article about it, feel free to share the link in the comment section below ;)


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Thanks Fannie!

    On whitening, some people I know though aspire the NC30 to NC20 change in skin tone. :D

  2. Tried Guerlain on the counter too, the foundation turned orange on me, really orange.

  3. Hi Rae, great post! I don't think whitening products are meant to 'lighten' your skin tone overall, but just lighten things like dark spots, sun damage, etc. Not saying these products actually work, but they definitely wouldn't turn your skin tone from an NC 30 to a NC 20. I also agree that you can find effective, and affordable products at the drugstore. Not everything has be high end to be good for you. As consumers we should look into what we're buying, and have realistic expectations of products. Be resourceful and smart enough to see pass the fluff.

  4. Pretty/Ugly Reply

    You have very informative posts, Rae. I don't like to pile on products either — the outcome doesn't look great and my skin gets sticky.

    I also agree with your last statement. I have come across several overrated, overpriced products. Guer *cough* lain *cough*

  5. Unsugarcoatedreviews, I think that's niveay yung nasa tin can na blue.

  6. unsugarcoatedreviews Reply

    I also don't like layering skin care products, primarily because I'm lazy. :D
    As for drugstore skin care products, you're absolutely right. I remember reading about an experiment comparing a drug store brand and La Mer. Benefits to the skin were the same.

  7. I don't like layering more than 2 as it becomes too tedious and there's a bigger possibility of messing up the ingredients like you said. Currently, I layer a serum (with very simple yet potent ingredients) under an oil moisturizer (that has many ingredients but none of them is considered active).

  8. Bananie, isa pa yan. Ginagamit na nga na sales pitch yan e. E.g., 'this celebrity uses only petroleum jelly' and look at how her skin looks.

    Di naman talaga effective yun sa lahat kasi yung skin natin, more than 50% genetics ang nagdidictate ng magiging itsura.

    Pero yung acne, it's a real disease. Yung iba, theirs might be cosmetic acne lang. Pero yung iba, talagang genetic yung acne.

  9. naalala ko, advice ng kuya ko sa younger brother namin, na wag na gumamit ng kahit anong acne treatment / facial wash, etc. kasi nung tumigil daw sya gumamit ng mga ganun, dun nawala yung mga pimples nya.. he uses soap and water lang.. (i tried that, hindi effective sakin. err!) thinking about it, probably the cause of his problem is the layering of products nga.. but agree, we all have to stop playing chemist.

  10. Rainy Days & Lattes Reply

    Your preferences are very true indeed! I don't like to use whitening products and I don't believe that only high end skincare is effective. I noticed that many products that are made naturally work really good, especially products containing essestial oils and collagen :D

  11.  Pammy! So true, nakakagulat na kaya mapuno not just one aisle and hindi lang soap. Pati lotion, makeup, etc.

  12. During my college years bigla akong nagkapimples, as in adult acne talaga. Nagpa derma ako and ang daming products na dapat ilagay. Nakakpagod, ang gastos and nakaka depressed pag pabalik balik. Lately when I tried only one brand and stick to it naging ok na skin ko. I mean, wash with the same soap, one toner and one moisturizer lang talaga. dati kasi patong patong nga. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I am not into skin whitening too. It sometimes amazes me how I cannot find a soap that isn't whitening in an entire aisle of soaps. 

    I don't snob drugstore skin care products either. In fact, I find that they are just as effective as some higher priced products; you just have to know where to look and of course, do your homework about these products. :)

  14. I choose a single brand for my skin care routine, which is wash, tone, and moisturize. I sometimes skip the toner or replace the moisturizer with a sunblock. I think that there is no one formulation for everybody, each person has different issues with his/her skin that may not be addressed by a single brand.

    I agree about layering products, I just feel that it's just not right to slather one product after the other. It actually makes me say, eeeew. Lol!

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