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Don’t Throw Away An Empty Perfume Bottle

On most days, I keep my hair in a pony tail and whenever I take a quick shower at night, I leave my hair tie anywhere there’s an empty surface.

Recently, I seem to be consistently putting my hair tie in one place–on my perfume bottle.

I don’t usually buy and wear perfume but I couldn’t keep people from getting me one as a gift. Recently, I placed one of my perfumes near the sink so I don’t forget to use it. Before I knew it, the bottle became a hair tie holder.

I fnally found a use for the gorgeous bottles that I usually just throw away. I’ve never been much of a pack rat. But every time I throw away a pretty bottle, I imagine a pretty-bottle factory fairy dies.

I figured I can use anything cone-shaped or any container with a bottleneck as a holder. And aside from hair ties, I can also hold bracelets, bangles, and large hoop earrings with it (funny coz I don’t have any of those).

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  1. cool, great use with empty perfume bottles. But I usually only have wider ones. will definitely make use of rounded perfume bottles if ever buy one in the future. ^_^

  2. ooohhh… dual-purpose goodie! perfume+hair-tie. shucks, parehas tayo, i keep forgetting spritzing perfume on!

  3. I love perfume bottles.  They could be works of art.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

  4. Cute idea. All my hair elastic bands and accessories are in a canister tho. I just love them neatly sealed in there.

  5. Yes! They are works of art. That's why it's hard to throw them away, and you can't put anything else in it coz they seal it pretty well.

  6. Hey, that's a great idea! My hair ties are on our bedpost, bathroom doorknob and this little basket where they're really supposed to be at. I think I'll do the perfume bottle technique once we put up our bathroom shelf :)

  7. Haha. I should do that, so I stop losing mine all the time. :) Btw, yes, they have my starfish bracelet in gold. :)

  8. My hair ties are in a little basket. :) I have a TON of them, but I usually use one particular hair tie until it breaks. They usually last me at least 2 months–surprising!! I bought them for only 20 in an eastwood bazaar… 7-10 pieces ata. And they are lasting me longer than my goody ones are. So disappointing.

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