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Venus and Mars Cleopatra Rub in Vanilla Love: Emptied and Reviewed

I bought this last year on a whim.  What’s a rub? I don’t know :D

But I do know Cleopatra and Vanilla.

On the tub, it says that this is made out of:

Emu oil, goat’s milk, hazelnut oil, shea butter, 
almond oil, beeswax, grapeseed essential oil, 
sunflower, calamansi extracts, fragrance oil, and SPF 15.

vnm cleopatra rub
VnM Cleopatra Rub

This rub is very pasty.  Imagine slathering yourself with a non-minty vanilla-flavored toothpaste–that’s how it is.  To be clear, I haven’t slathered toothpaste on myself.

I love that it’s not greasy.  It doesn’t feel like it’s moisturizing enough but it is.  But that’s not what I love the most about this rub, it’s…

The Smell
For someone who doesn’t love eating sweets, I love sweet-smelling everything.  VnM’s Cleopatra Rub has a mild vanilla scent that smells delicious enough to eat.  I love it–and I love it more because E loves how it smells on me.

I love that the smell lasts a while.  It takes the place of wearing perfume.  Actually, I always forget spraying on perfume, but I seldom forget putting on lotion.  Slathering this on is like multi-tasking :)

venus and mars cleopatra rub


  • What’s the sun screening ingredient?
  • Does this product really have SPF 15 considering that the ingredient is listed last?
  • Does this have enough preservatives?

venus and mars vanilla love
Hitting rock bottom!

Final Thoughts
This is a good non-greasy body moisturizer which is very ideal to use in the summer.

This is not a practical buy ‘coz it’s expensive.  BUT, I recommend this to sense-ual people–those who love an ‘experience’ like I do.

I may not get one again soon but this is definitely NOT one of those products that I will never buy again.

* * *
150g tub, Php 260; 300g tub, Php 450 @ VnM

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  1. Since when did spf15 became an ingredient? I prefer sweet-smelling lotion over perfume too

  2. Oooh, nice review sis. :) I'll buy this when my Bare It All Cream runs out. I love that it has SPF 15 and non-greasy.

  3. True, it's pricey.  Although tatagal talaga yung tub and mas pricey ang body butter sa The Body Shop.

  4. Are you nursing? If not, maybe you can use tretinoin (but that's not a scrub)

    You might also want to try emu oil. I think they use this oil on burn victims to reduce scarring.  Since the stretchmark is still fresh and is a type of scarring, it might work too.

  5. I'm not a rave-y type of person. :P  Maybe I'm underselling this, I don't know. I think it's not significantly better than other lotions/ butters. I was after the 'experience' though, the scent, the texture, something to break the routine.

  6. I have been wanting to try VnM products since I saw the raves in GT but for some reason I never got around to ordering and forgot all about it. Until now, that is. Thanks for the reminder. ;) Though there's nothing in there that jumps at me right now.

  7. ermmm…. i used to use venus and mars products but i haven't tried this. i'm not fond of anything that feels sticky nor heavy on the skin hehehe. :)

  8. Any suggestions on scrubs that can reduce stretch marks? I noticed marks on my tummy on the 9th month of pregnancy. They've mellowed down now that Kelly's out, but I'm looking for something that will lighten the marks more.

  9. I never imagined it to be that pasty but if it does the job in moisturizing the skin, then it definitely is something that could be worth trying. :)

    But it's pretty pricey so I think I'll stick with Palmer's Cocoa Butter. :)

  10. Oh thanks for sharing an interesting product. I think this product is so me, since I too forget to spray on perfume but slather on body butters/lotions before leaving the house, I don't know why considering it takes more time rubbing the stuff in your whole body, right? I'd love to try this one out? Was this purchased locally?  – Mar

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