In 2011, I had a very big realization that help keep me from buying a lot of makeup and skin care stuff. Here it is:

There’s no need to find the next best thing
because it DOESN’T exist.

It sounds cynical but it’s true. I just need to find something that works… and work with it. I don’t need to find the one best product out there. I don’t need to try any and every product that comes out.

If you are a beauty blogger of sorts, you don’t need to be pressured to know makeup and skin care trends for all 4 seasons. We don’t need to buy what’s new to be able to write something. We don’t need to be updated with everything. We don’t need to own all the eyeshadow colors in the world. We don’t need to write blog posts everyday. Lastly, we don’t need to do a haul post.

Haul posts and youtube videos are all over the internet.  It is often ok to share what we bought especially if it helps other people, and I’m not in anyway saying that everyone who writes a haul post doesn’t have anything better to write. I remember I did a few haul entries myself.

I just want to put it out there that we have an option not to do it just for the sake of it. We have an option not to buy anything. We have an option not to be pressured to write a haul entry or a month’s favorites entry or something similar just because everyone else is doing it.

I want to share with you a youtube video by Tina Georgy. I want to help make it go viral. She made a vava-voom going out makeup look using only 3 products: a brown eyeliner pencil, a concealer, and a mascara.

She wanted to challenge herself in creating a makeup look using the fewest products possible and going back to basics. I like the idea.

The biggest business innovations came out during periods of recession. More than ‘variety’, I think it’s scarcity that squeezes the most creative juice out of us. I challenge myself to do the same. I challenge you to do the same e.g., For a time, try to step away from writing about trends and new collections. See what you come up with.

It’s not about the stuff, it’s not about how many products you have
— it’s about what you do with the products and the quality of those products.
– Tina Georgy


Hi, I’m Rae and I am a scatterbrain. I am in my 30s and I write in this blog from the Philippines. I spend a tiny portion of my time de-stressing with makeup and skin care. Email: | Instagram: @scatterbraintures


  1. Gen-zel D. Habab Reply

    True! :D I was even tempted to try nail art before since it's really trending over the internet but, I'm really not into it (I don't even paint my nails often) so I never do it.  For a very thrifty person like me, I just go with what are necessary.  I rarely buy stuff that I don't need. ^^,

  2. Instead of buying a new pressed powder, I made my own today from mineral makeup powders that I almost never get to use. I have a small empty compact which is perfect for the project since I intend to use the powder when I'm on the go. :)

  3. Menacherie Reply

    The best thing one can do is eat right and get lots of sleep. True!

    I am hosting a giveaway for some great accessories if you're interested:

  4. Kapag naghahalukay ka, and you find something na you like pala, ang exciting diba?

  5. carmiscaprice Reply

    We just need to find something that works… and work with it! Very well said, Rae!

  6. Gellie Abogado Reply

    Dati medyo madalas ako mag-haul post pero now, madalang na. After I've had super daming gastos na lined up like for my new dog, bills, Err.. Kung mag-hahaul man ako during a bazaar na and super tipid pa. Hehe. That's when I started digging up my makeup na di ko pa nagagamit na maganda pala (buti na lang hindi pa expired) hehe. Tama, there's no need for a haul post naman… Minsan nakakainggit lang kasi I want those new stuff. Hehe. Pero discipline lang… :)

  7. saccharine0158 Reply

    i tend to get suckered in to skincare and makeup hauls when many people rave about it. :/ i however do not find the need to follow trends. i usually stick to products that work for me too (unless influenced by a very influential BI ex: pammycakes. LOL! joke joke!) . :3 
    i do haul posts too. hmmm… however, i never buy 1 lipstick or product in every color like other people. i don't have anything against those who do, either. in the end it's still about personal preference. ^_^
    i cannot be as brave as pammy because i know i'll end up picking stuff from here and there every now and then. i still need retail therapy, especially ATM.  but thanks for sharing this rae. i hope this will inspire other people too. :)

  8. glenn encinares Reply

    I like this post. I agree no need to haul (pero guilty pa rin ako, kasi sometimes when I drop by in a supermarket or drugstore nagiging impulsive shopper ako minsan :(  pero sometimes din I think first, saving or spending??
    I like your new blog theme :)

  9. Nakaka-BI naman talaga si Pammy, haha. Na-bBI nya ako sa healthy options purchases nya. Ang dami nyang discoveries and I like how simple she writes.

    Ok lang naman to do a haul post. I appreciate it kapag merong description ng first impression or a swatch or kapag may sale. That way it's helpful.

  10. That's why I like your blog Pammy. Yours is one of those beauty blogs who feature products I wouldn't have known otherwise.

  11. I'll take your challenge, Rae. :) And even though I am guilty of doing haul posts every once in a while, I never really believed that you have to be updated with all the makeup trends and to have all the makeup there is out there in thr world to be a beauty blogger.

  12. i love this quote “It's not about the stuff, it's not about how many products you have — it's about what you do with the products and the quality of those products. 

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