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Lactacyd White Intimate: Road Test Review

Prior to buying this, I wasn’t really looking to whiten my v-area.  But seeing the bottle on the shelf definitely caught my attention…

lactacyd white intimate whitening feminine wash

…so I bought a small bottle out of curiosity… and to get a kick out of E, wahaha.

It says: Lightens within 4 weeks.

I’ve used it for more than 4 weeks now and all I can say for a review is: I can’t tell if it works.

I’m not that much of a dedicated blogger to take before-and-after photos of my hoo-ha–and if I did, that would surely be at the top of the list of “Craziest Things People Do for Beauty Blogging”

Anyhow, for those who want to try it, here are what you might want to know:

  • Has a liquid soap consistency
  • Gives a foamy lather
  • Has a mild and clean scent
  • Is non-drying

Will I buy this again? No. I prefer the classic one.

P.S. From googling, I found out that in other countries, aside from White Intimate, Lactacyd came out with Nourish and Revitalize.

I wonder what nourish (or revitalize) meant for that general area… and how exactly will the wash do that?

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  1. Dios  LOL. “Craziest Things People Do for Beauty Blogging”  indeed. Do you think a lot of women buy it? Why would anyone want to whiten their V? Hahahaha. I won't be able to tell din if I were to use it.

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