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Featured Find: Groovy Eyebrow Razors

Two weeks ago, I found these cheap high-quality eyebrow razors at Shopwise.

I had difficulty finding one that’s the right size, has a good grip, and is sharp enough to give a clean shave. I’ve used this a few times and it works well.

It comes in sets of 3, priced at Php 61/set.

Here are 2 of what I like most about these razors:

The blade is not too long.  I have small eyelid space and my eyebrows are short. Most good quality razors I find are almost always 3 cms long.  The shorter ones are usually too blunt to cut my coarse thick eyebrow hairs. These ones are around 2 cms long–just the right size.

It’s cheap.  Each razor only costs Php 20 each.

If you regularly shave your brows, try these out.

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  1. ay kapareho nito ang nasa watson! But this one's cute than in watson. haha! :) I love these it's very handy. :D

  2. Galing tlga ng timing ng post mo ate Rae! I tried my roomates' eyebrow Razor two weeks ago for the first time and I really liked it! I was planning to buy my own pero xempre, research muna. Now I know what brand to buy. Thanks for the review!

  3. Nice find. I always find it difficult to find the perfect brow razor here. They're often too sharp that I cut myself why tidying up my brows. Glad I found out Daiso has different kinds and good ones too. :)

  4. Nice find. I don't really like shaving my brows but plucking takes so much time that I just have to shave them in some lazy days.  Haha! Will definitely look out for these when I get to drop by a Shopwise branch.

  5. Nice find! I have the eyebrow razors from Saizen. They're for 3 for P85, so yours are cheaper :) And I think I like the style of these ones better than the ones I got. Yung akin kasi parang mini version ng regular shaver, ganun yung shape so parang mas mahirap mag shave ng brows. haha

  6. Really? Kainis di ba? I also like the one I bought from Nichido more than a year ago (imagine that!) it's only PhP47.00 and it works fine until now.  It's even far way better than the one I bought from pcx :D

  7. Good buy! I'll be looking for the nearest shopwise near my place.  I bought one in pcx and I hate it, it cannot even cut a strand of hair on my eyebrows without pushing it too hard which might damage my eyebrow shape :(

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