I’m starting a new category/ series on Scatterbraintures, which seems like a stupid decision if I wanted to lure PR companies in. But that wasn’t one of my main objectives for being in cyberspace so what the heck.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now since I wrote The Anti-Haul: Beauty Junkie Rehab. Lately, I’ve been getting really good at killing my lust for new skin care and makeup products that are coming out.

Basically, No Deal will be about products that I really really wanted to try and buy, but ended up not getting. It may be of products that I sampled, or products that I never even tried. The objective is to hopefully help keep beauty junkies on rehab, like me, to get a particular product out of our lemming lists.

No Deal will not include products that I’m not actually capable of buying (coz that won’t make sense) and products that I didn’t have any lust for to begin with. It will be limited to those that I fought not to buy.

I was going to make The Clarisonic my first entry for this series, but I got overwhelmed. If I write about it now, I might end up convincing myself to get it. The battle is not yet over on that one so, for now, I’ll start small.

I got excited when this came out because I thought it might be a good dupe for the revlon lip butters. After a few more days I came across a lot of rave tweets and blog posts. I hate it when that happens.

Anyway, just as any ex-beauty junkie would do, I gave myself a few weeks for the lemming to dissipate, and it did!

What made me decide not to purchase this:

From how the lipstick was designed, it looked like it’s not gonna be quick and easy to put on. The pigment is in the middle, I can imagine that if I swipe it straight across my lips, I’d end up with a stripe across. I might have to use a lip brush just for this–and that can be time consuming.

I can’t believe I didn’t realize that the first time I saw it.

Anyway, my theory was vindicated when Liz of Project Vanity made a video tutorial on how to apply it correctly. If you’ve already bought the lipstick, watch her video, I think it’ll be helpful.

As for me, I choose not to go through all that trouble of having a special way to apply a lipstick. I’m a quick-swipe-lipstick type of girl so I’m giving this one a pass.

Reviews from the Avon Website: Rating 3.8 out of 5
Reviews from Makeup Alley: Rating 2.8 out of 5


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  1. @Pretty Ugly, disabled disqus. It's been acting up.

    I know the feeling, yung sobrang daming raves, pero parang sayo lang di nag-w-work. Sucks big time.

  2. Ha! Finally I can comment (disqus box was acting up simce yesterday).

    The lipstick looks pretty but a little impractical. Ex-beauty junkie here too. :) and I also hate it too when I read reviews and raves about the product I'm lemming. But what I hate the most is buying that said product only to find out it's mediocre at best. :-/

  3.  Waaaah same situation tayo sis! :D  Ako naman I want to be more practical.  Sobrang nireresist ko ung temptation na mag collect ng make-ups and I don't want to end up just giving away things I bought kasi I don't need it.  Aside, from nagtitipid mode, I want my money to be spent wisely :)

  4. Keeza, exactly! If you try getting the pigmented part to the edge of your lips, I'd imagine the shiny glossy part going way over the line.

    It can make you appear like you're drooling.

  5. Keeza Villanueva Reply

    i have 2 shades of this. but i didnt like it. why? as mentioned, the color is in the middle so i ended up swiping it thrice (well..not sure!) as in multiple swipes just to get the color i want. the color pay off is not good. i swear!!!!!!! i know they have a line wherein the moisture thingy is in the middle. if i remember it right it was reese witherspoon who modelled for it. i just didnt like it! i even didnt open the 2nd lippie!

    let's fololow each other. http://www.keezandmakeup.blogspot.com

  6. I am an Avon lipstick addict! As in I have at least 5 lipsticks in my bag. I am not a fan of shine lipsticks though, so I didn't buy this when I first saw it. Pero ngayon, parang na-curious din ako. Hahaha!

  7. I'm more of a lip balm girl than a lipstick girl, but this lipstick looks interesting. Looking forward to reading more beauty posts here!

  8. sbs.1956, awww, thank you. I have a few more on the queue. Watch for it. :)

  9. I LOVE this feature! I have definitely developed an addiction of late and need help getting it under control. I think I will try (key word: TRY) the few weeks' waiting thing. I'll let you know how it goes. Please keep up with the Anti-Haul posts. ^.^

  10. Gellie! Napaka-epic fail ng project na 'toh. Haha. Well, naisip ko naman na, na baka maging counterintuitive sya.

  11. ileOdarod, I kind of anticipated that, that might happen. But before you buy it, go to the links of the reviews I listed. Many say it's drying and it's not that shiny, but I didn't feel like putting those on the post because it wouldn't be fair–afterall, I haven't tried it.

  12. I think instead of convincing me to not buy it, I got more curious. Especially with the link to the tutorial on how to apply it.

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