Microfiber Towels
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Microfiber Towels

I used to own only 2 bath towels that I alternate every week. I was doing ok with that setup until I started working out more frequently. I needed to run an extra load of laundry just for towels which I find very inefficient and non-earth-friendly.

I remembered to check out the microfiber towels that my yoga classmate was raving about back when I was still taking bikram yoga classes. At the time, these towels didn’t stir my interest. I thought it was another one of those overly-hyped-one-of-a-kind-state-of-the-art products that are so cleverly marketed but isn’t really any different from good old regular ones.

Microfiber Towels

I went to Landmark Department Store to buy 2 microfiber bath towels. When I saw how thin the towels were, I almost didn’t buy it.

There were 2 brands available: Bath Essentials and Aquazorb. Since I’m not well-researched on microfiber towels–and it was the Aquazorb Ultra-thin Series that my friend specifically raved about, I grabbed 2 of those.

I didn’t know that it was that expensive, Php 600 was too expensive for a towel for me. I went home buying just one.

Note: There are regular (non-ultra-thin) aquazorb towels that cost half as much. (I should’ve bought that instead.)

Microfiber Towels

I bought Bath Essentials, my 2nd microfiber bath towel, at Shopwise for only Php 99. I think it was on sale.

If you’re due to buy new towels, get the microfiber kind.

Here’s why I like these towels:

It’s fluffy. Don’t let the thin-ness deceive you. These towels remain soft and fluffy even after several washings and even when you don’t use fabric conditioner. It’s actually not recommended to use fabric conditioner because it can make the towels less absorbent.

It’s thin & lightweight which makes it very convenient to bring to the gym and to travel with. It won’t take up too much space in the bag, washing machine, and storage.

It’s highly-absorbent. I can’t believe how much water this can absorb considering how thin it is.

It dries up fast. It dries so much faster than my 2 other towels. I only learned to appreciate how fast it dries now that it’s the monsoon season and it’s difficult to completely dry the laundry.

Which one to get, Aquazorb or Bath Essentials?

If I had known better, I would’ve bought Bath Essentials because of the price. But quality-wise, Aquazorb is better. It has a tighter weave and it doesn’t get over-stretched no matter how many times you spin it dry. If you look at the photo-grid above, the Bath Essentials one looked rumpled at the edges because the towel got stretched but the hem didn’t.

If you want to buy Aquazorb, get the regular ones–they’re thin enough. I don’t think the ultra-thin ones are worth the significant added cost.

Other Notes:

I bought two Bath Essentials face towels on sale for Php 19 (regular price is Php 29). It works well in squishing out water from makeup brushes which makes drying them much faster.

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  1. I bought a couple of these towels for my son… now you just gave me an idea that these make perfect wash cloths for my makeup brushes..hehe

    btw, the revlon lipsticks cost around PHP400.00 at our local revlon counters.

  2. I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about Aquazorb. Hmmm, might be best to invest in Microfiber towels na. I love how absorbent they are.

  3. This should be a must try specially that I have four active boys at home and I always ran out of towels – all big and heavy. So it's really strenuous to wash them. Maybe this would be the best solution. :-)

  4. @ ile, thank you so much. I'm so happy that you find my reviews to make sense. Also, that's actually what I'm going for in Scatterbraintures, to be a source of practical products and practices.

  5. I love my Aquazorb towels, too! I appreciate them so much more now that I'm working out — no need to bring thick, heavy towels anymore. And you're right, they dry quickly!

  6. Thanks for this post Rae! Now I know their purpose. I should have this kind of towel when I go back to the gym :D

    You've tried Bikram Yoga? Is it good? My friend is asking me to join her :)

  7. Wow, I didn't know there are different kinds of towels out there. I need to get this one. But of course I'll get the cheaper ones. I need to buy an extra towel anyway, and face towels too!

    Ate Rae, I love how your reviews make sense. You're very practical! I think I'd end up buying stuff after I read your review about them, as long that it's within my budget of course.

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